Brunotti Youri Pro 135 x 40cm 2015 Kitesurfing Review

Brunotti Youri Pro 135 x 40cm 2015

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At A Glance

Youri Zoon has had a longstanding relationship with Brunotti and he has ridden their boards to a World Championship victory on the PKRA World Tour. This is the board he rides and it’s no compromises in terms of its shape and design. Brunotti have focused on keeping the board light, to negate the additional weight of wearing bindings, whilst at the same time they have made the board as bombproof as possible, and if you have seen Youri ride you will know he goes big and hard! The board is set up for bindings, but ships with the excellent high performance pads and Youri Pro straps and Youri Pro fins.

On The Water

You can see that quite a lot of work has gone into shaping this board, and you feel the benefit of that instantly when you are on the water. The underside has a concave running to double v and channelling at the tips. This gives the board lots of control at high speed and plenty of grip too. The rails have also been shaped to give them a slightly soft edge, which helps when landing handle pass tricks and spins. With a hard edge it is easy to trip when you don’t quite make the rotation! We were expecting this board to be really stiff, but it’s not as stiff as some freestyle boards on the market. This flex gives it a more forgiving ride and makes it very comfortable when you are riding in choppy conditions. As for the pop? It’s there in spades, the soft tips give a nice flick as you leave the water and those channelled tips soften the landings beautifully!


Good looking, with lots of thought and detailing going into the shaping all over the board. Fast, light, with immense pop, if you want to ride like Youri you need the Youri Pro!

This review was in Issue 47 of IKSURFMAG.

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