Epic Kites Oxygen 135 x 47cm 2015 Kitesurfing Review

Epic Kites Oxygen 135 x 47cm 2015

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At A Glance

The Oxygen is a lightwind board from Epic designed to get you up and going when the wind doesn’t play ball. Unlike some lightwind boards on the market the Oxygen is still quite short, 135 is a usual length for some people to ride. However, it is incredibly wide, 47cm is some girth alright, and the rocker line is really flat too.

It features a full wood core construction with a triple glass laminate for strength, it is also reinforced with what Epic call their “secret ingredient” which could be goats milk if Dimitri’s latest videos are anything to go by! There are ABS rails as well as G10 fins. The board comes with both 4cm and 5cm fins so if you are learning you can go bigger to aid with the upwind ability and if you are confident then the smaller fins will make the board a little looser. The straps and pads are comfortable, made from EVA foam, and are easy to install on the board.

On The Water

The Oxygen has a wide range of uses, if you are just starting out and want an easy-to-use board to progress on, then it is perfect, especially if you generally ride in flat water. If you are an advanced rider, then it offers a great opportunity to get out when the wind is light.

The ace up the Oxygen’s sleeve though is its length. By keeping the board short they have kept it playful. All too often lightwind boards are just massive doors, which are fine for cruising but terrible for actually doing any tricks on. The Oxygen is great fun to ride; you can really throw it around and do all your usual tricks on it, without it feeling bulky underfoot!

The lightwind capabilities are drawn from the wide plan shape and the flat rocker line. This also makes the board exceedingly fast on flat water too. When it is choppy it isn’t as much fun to ride, but again the short length makes it more comfortable than some other lightwind machines we have ridden.


Perfect for beginners looking for an entry-level board, if they are blessed with flat water. Moreover, it is ideal for any intermediate to advanced rider who wants to get out in the lightest of airs, not just to mow the lawn, but also to have fun, which is what the Oxygen is all about.


This review was in Issue 49 of IKSURFMAG.

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