Brunotti Riptide 136 x 41cm 2016 Kitesurfing Review

Brunotti Riptide 136 x 41cm 2016

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At A Glance

The Riptide is the long-running female specific board in Brunotti’s range. Aimed at the discerning freeride and freestyle rider, the board has been tailored for female sizing and weight, and comes in a stylishly designed package with not a flower or pink pony in sight – clearly a board that is to be taken seriously!

With similar characteristics to the popular men’s Dimension board, there’s no lacking in the features or build quality. The ADR (Active Diamond Rail) that we saw last year is present, along with the engineered wood core, flextips and duo channel, to name just a few of the attributes.

This year the sizing has changed slightly, with the offering now coming in a 133 x 40 and the 136 x 41 that we have here. Gone is the smaller 129 x 39, a further nod towards the freestyle trend for larger boards and female riders demanding gear that will contend with some of the mean machines on offer for the boys.

On The Water

Having previously ridden smaller boards and only gradually increased the size when I began to ride in boots I was interested to see how a 136cm length twin tip would feel underfoot. (The 145cm I learned on seemed huge and cumbersome all those years ago, but that size is almost becoming the ‘norm’ now!) I must admit to being bowled over instantly, and have loved every session riding the Riptide!

The sharp rail really grips the water enabling you to drive the board upwind with ease and it makes carving a pleasure. This diamond-shaped rail, combined with the perfect amount of flex and stiffness also give the board excellent pop capabilities. Landings are smooth, with the channels and flextips helping to cushion even the hardest of approaches. Of course, the larger sizing also gives a better platform for take-off and landings.

We tested the board in a variety of conditions from butter-flat sandbar, to euro-wave slop and some erratic mega chop, and pretty much everything in between with both footstraps and boots. The board seemed to adapt and excel in every situation, getting on with the job in hand, and inspiring confidence to practice new tricks in what otherwise would be considered distinctly sub-par conditions. Gliding through the chop, loading up to power off the wave kickers; and edging firmly for the ultimate pop in the flat water. It really was the ultimate ride on the water.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a flexible, wishy-washy, soft board created for delicate ladies however, far from it! With a solid chassis giving a firm edge and fierce pop; and reinforced boot inserts for riding in bindings with the peace of mind that they’re not going to rip out, there’s certainly been some attention given to creating a board that means business. Brunotti team rider Annelous Lammerts has been riding the Riptide for over 4 years now and describes it as “the perfect combination between an aggressive pop and comfortable cruising”. I don’t really think it’s possible to sum it up in one sentence any better than that!


Whether you are looking to progress through more jumps and transitions, or put yourself on the line at competition level, the Riptide will be a superb wingman (or should we be saying wingwoman?!). Mixing things up between footstraps or boots, in silky flat water or out in egg-box chop, you will find yourself wanting to push your riding to the next level, and somehow every session will leave you grinning.

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This review was in Issue 55 of IKSURFMAG.

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