CORE Kiteboarding Fusion 2 135 x 40cm 2016 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding Fusion 2 135 x 40cm 2016

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At A Glance

The Fusion 2 from CORE kiteboarding makes a return for this year and is an even better model than before. Billed as the Swiss Army Knife of kiteboards Core have put a lot of thought into building this fantastic all rounder. The construction is top quality, featuring layers of carbon and wood, they work together to create a lightweight and powerful board with improved pop and durability.

The bottom of the board has a double concave, V Shape Keel and a Hydro Dynamic Bottom Contour to name just a few bits of engineering, which go into the board. All these elements result in the smooth and stable ride on the Fusion 2. The Union Pro pads have undergone a significant transformation and are very comfortable, they not only lock your foot in but also provide good feedback from the board itself.

On The Water

We are great fans of CORE kiteboarding, and the Fusion 2 is just a reminder of why. This board is an all round dream. Smooth from the off, once you engage your rail, you lock in and fly upwind. It slices through chop with minimal spray, and the bounce is absorbed as well. The Fusion 2 feels very lively underfoot, and once you start playing around with it, you just won’t want to stop. Carving and slashing any bit of chop or wave you find is great fun, the board powering through the turn without losing any contact.

An exceedingly versatile board that is packed with technology!

Jumping with the Fusion2 is great, it provides a solid take off, and the landings are super smooth with any slightly wobblier touchdowns absorbed by the board keeping your ride smooth and manageable. Air trickery is easy with a lightweight board, flipping it around and spinning as fast as you can are all within your reach.

For unhooked performance, the board is a stable platform to learn and progress with. The pop produced is excellent, sending you up to perform your trick, then absorbing even the heaviest of landings and engaging instantly to carry you away. The G10 Cutback fins provide a high amount of grip, while still being forgiving if you don't quite get your rotation in on the landings.


The Fusion 2 is a high tech board, which won’t hold you back, no matter your riding style. Smooth and fun with plenty of performance, easy to ride suiting a broad range of riders and able to handle a wide variety of conditions.


This review was in Issue 60 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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