Shinn Monk The One 133 x 41cm 2016 Kitesurfing Review

Shinn Monk The One 133 x 41cm 2016

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At A Glance

The Shinn Monk certainly needs no introduction, an institution of board design, it comes back for 2016 as ‘The One’. The board features a fantastic wood core, which gives an outstanding weight to strength ratio. Shinn are so sure of their construction durability, every board comes with a two year warranty!

A constant curve rocker keeps you stuck to the water in a range of conditions, whilst the progressive concave continues this trend with a stiffer flat section not affecting the tips, allowing the board to maintain its super smooth feel even in mega chop or underpowered conditions.
New for this year the SQ3 3D deck mould gives the board not only the step above in performance, but also in the looks department.

On The Water

Part of the charm with the Monk is the fantastic usability for all abilities and sizes. For starters, we had foot size 4-9 all using the same set of straps with comfort and that desired ‘locked in’ feel. The Sneaker 5 connection pack is a well thought out piece of kit.

Thanks to the all-round design of the board, we found that even those of a smaller size could still ride it well in a range of conditions. The grip here is insane, thanks to the aggressive ‘Bite’ fins, and also the concave and rocker. That is not to say it is a small persons board, it’s just fantastically suited to a huge array of sizes, abilities and styles.

This is not just another all-rounder, it's a laugh your head off it's so fun all-rounder!

The Monk The One flies up wind, this again is helped dramatically by the grip offered from the rails and fins. Not only will this help with initial rides, but will be a blessing after launching into the sky (which the Monk does exceedingly well) and then racing back up wind to do it all again.
For unhooked freestyle we found the Monk to be pleasantly surprising. It won’t launch you into oblivion like a dedicated wakestyle board, but it does provide a solid platform for mixing up your riding with some fun unhooked freestyle moves.

This board is great in those mixed conditions most of us are blessed with; super fun to ride it maintains that famous Shinn smoothness.


Named ‘The One’ and actually for a pretty good reason - it does everything you need it to do. Jam-packed with tech and looks, this is not just another all-rounder, it’s a ‘laugh your head off, it’s so fun’ all-rounder.


This review was in Issue 56 of IKSURFMAG.

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