Shinn ADHD Rum 137 x 41cm 2016 Kitesurfing Review

Shinn ADHD Rum 137 x 41cm 2016

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At A Glance

Shinn, created by Mark Shinn former World Champion kiteboarder, has been a contender in the kiteboard market for some years now. Their range has always included a variety of boards to suit every need. Over the years as the wakestyle discipline came into kiteboarding there has been a development in wakestyle boards at Shinn

The 2016 ADHD RUM is now in its third year and has been fine tuned to create what some might say is the finest wakestyle board on the market. The guys at Shinn have been focusing on adding as much pop as possible to the board while maintaining soft, stable landings whether you ride in boots or straps.

If we take a look at the design features of the 2016 ADHD, we can see that it boasts a 100% wood core, Hydro-Flo 2, dedicated 6 inch binding inserts, Bite Fins and handle, a 2-year warranty and an extended CC rocker. All the features should enable us to get the pop that we need. The extended CC rocker will mean we will need to take bit more power to get up and going, but once powered we will have a lot more pop. Fine-tuned with the Hydro-Flo 2 grip, we should never lose an edge or skip out on landing.

On The Water

After taking to the water, it was apparent just how smooth the board was. Now by no means is this board as light as some of the other boards in the Shinn range. As with any Wakestyle board, the strength usually comes with added weight, but this also gives us good control at speed. The edges of the board are still thin like that of a freestyle twin tip, which did make the board flow better through the water, there were no splashes of water in your face here.

“You are propelled into the air, knowing you can land with confidence."

Initially, we had the large fins on our ADHD, which did affect the wakestyle performance, turning the board into more of a heavy freestyle ride. After digging through the van and getting a small set of fins on the board, things were transformed. Once you could slide about as needed when performing wakestyle the board came into its own. The pop is awesome; you are propelled into the air knowing you can land with confidence. The ADHD grips very well in a variety of conditions whether that be chop, waves, or in the flat.

It is also very comfortable to ride, the rocker and edges helping to smooth things out. Hacking some big carves is also great fun and the edges grip allowing you to chuck buckets of spray. It's a super fun board to ride, and while it is leaning to the more high-performance end of the spectrum, it is still forgiving and easy to get on with.


The ADHD is a good bit of kit for anyone looking for a new wakestyle board. It provides a smooth ride with Pringles-like pop followed by stable, soft landings. Best suited to riding in boots with small fins. This board isn't as grippy or explosive as some wake style boards found with channels throughout the board, but it is easy to ride. Tough and durable it even comes with a 2-year warranty, so no need to worry about hitting sliders or obstacles on this beast.


This review was in Issue 54 of IKSURFMAG.

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