Duotone Select Twin Tip

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Duotone Select Twin Tip

Get two of the sport’s most daring big air rippers to give you their back-to-back riding perspectives! In order to feel the performance differences, Ozone team riders Ruben Lenten and Jamie Overbeek flew the Enduro V4 and Edge V11 kites during a few sessions in Cape Town.

Of course, these two huckers are primarily concerned with max height and megaloops. As you can see in the video, both kites are well capable when it comes down to those performance demands, but the way you’re ripped off the water is quite different. Each kite responds and reacts uniquely in different parts of the wind window, while the speed of depower and the power range itself also vary. These performance dynamics will ultimately influence which kite will help you take your own riding further.

Find out more about the Edge and Enduro here!

Sun 26th Feb, 2023 @ 9:00 am

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