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1 day ago

Stella Groschupf joins the Ozone team! We are stoked to welcome 25-year-old German wave slayer Stella Groschupf to the team! Stella will be riding Ozone…

2 days ago

Join us as we uncover the meteoric rise of female athletes in this adrenaline-fueled sport, and celebrate the women who are fearlessly pushing the limits…

5 days ago

The Fly V1 is an Intermediate wing that is also perfectly accessible for those new to this sport. Ozone took a modern design approach for…

6 days ago

Ever wondered what it would be like launching a foilkite in 40+ knots? Well, the man himself, Jaime Overbeek, is here to show us how…

1 week ago

Jeremy Jones is back ice kiting on a frozen lake - Flying his 15m Ozone Edge. How about that sound, though? I have a Switchblade…

1 week ago

Jamie Overbeek heads into the stratosphere in his latest edit - don't believe me? Watch this! I had never felt this much power and jumped…

1 week ago

Pablo Amores recently joined the Ozone crew, and we can't wait to see what the next chapter brings!

2 weeks ago

After two years and three months of pursuing his goal, Jaime finally claimed the title he was chasing! Jamie Overbeek recorded his first 30 metre…

2 weeks ago

Looking to upgrade your Ozone Contact Snow V4 Control System Cleat Base? Check out this how-do tutorial right here.