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2 days ago

Ozone just released its 3rd version of the Code, fitting an impressive range of rider levels and styles, free ride, cruising, big air and unhooked…

7 days ago

There's a reason why Ozone's R1V4 is Jamie Overbeek's go-to kite. Hitting 25m+ on the WOO leaderboard and 17+ sec hangtime... This machine challenges the…

1 week ago

Watch Jamie Overbeek braving the Dutch winter conditions, wearing whatever extra neoprene he could get his hands-on and hitting the water in FULL SEND mode!

2 weeks ago

At long last, On The Loose is back, and the adventure continues, this time, in the Canary Islands. Watch Ruben Lenten, and Aaron Hadlow join…

2 weeks ago

After searching for perfect big air conditions all over The Netherlands, they found it at a spot close to home. Follow the windy adventures of…

3 weeks ago

After weeks of no wind, Santa delivered a blasting 20-25 knots East wind to Jamie Overbeek - -4° celsius windchill isn't going to stop Jamie…

1 month ago

Episode 2 of 'On The Loose' is out! In this episode, Ruben Lenten and Aaron Hadlow are back in their favourite spot; Cape Town, South…

1 month ago

Manu G. kiteboarding at Balneario and Caños de Meca with Jvilca behind the lens.

1 month ago

If you're getting into foiling, you better check out these basic but essential steps by Ozone. The Apex V1 performance hydrofoil is designed primarily for…