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23 hours ago | 2:0

Drama at Formula Kite Asians as Leading Women Demoted for Errors! The four women who topped the standings at the 2019 Formula Kite Asian Championships…

7 days ago | 1:42

Watch Jonas Lengwiler and Ronny Michael attempt some new foil tricks, including the sharkslide!

2 weeks ago | 1:28

Kai Lenny is a jack-of-all-trades, master of ALL, especially if it involves a board or sail!

2 weeks ago | 4:6

This one is worth a rewatch! Alexander Lewis Hughes knows all too well the importance of good execution, style and power - As one of…

3 weeks ago | 3:0

France’s Nico Parlier and the US’s Daniela Moroz mounted successful defences of their titles under challenging conditions at the 2019 Pascucci Formula Kite World Championships…

3 weeks ago | 3:1

The current men’s and women’s title holders, France’s Nico Parlier and the US’s Daniela Moroz, are sitting in pole position to retain their crowns after…

3 weeks ago | 1:0

Australian shredder, Jarrod Snow started kiteboarding at the age of 10. Freestyle, wave riding and big air... everything we like to see in an edit!…

3 weeks ago | 2:57

Dreams of capturing coveted Olympic medals when kitefoil racing makes its debut at the 2024 Games in Paris has prompted nations to invest heavily in…

3 weeks ago | 2:57

A special test event to trial the new mixed relay race format that will be used when kiteboarding makes its historic debut at the Paris…


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