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2 days ago

Yep, thats right! Live vicariously through Ruben Lenten with this 9-min of non-stop POV Megaloop action! As soon as I hook myself to my kite,…

5 days ago

Here's a spot we don't see many videos from - Foiling Session in Pui O beach on Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

2 weeks ago

Kai Lenny and Jesse Richman team up for this one for some kitesurfing tow-in's on a foilboard!

2 weeks ago

13-year-old Jamie Overbeek started his kiteboarding career when he was just nine years old. He's been riding for Ozone for the past 9 months -…

3 weeks ago

Rowdy takes us on another trip, attempting to ride a very round looking 4'6ft foilboard and later giving us a glimpse into what kitesurfing in…

4 weeks ago

Eric Bridge shares some insight on kitesurfing on Exmouth's Duck Pond including safety advice on the best wind and tidal states to ride for people…

1 month ago

Episode 1 is OUT! Taking full advantage of the wind and waves at Ho'okipa Beach Park, Kai Lenny goes kitesurfing, windsurfing, wingsurfing and more! Who…

1 month ago

As the snowkite season is coming to an end, Lolo BSD and Wareck Arnaud set out on one last adventure at Col de Péas in…

1 month ago

Through heavy loads, general wear and tear on lines combined with water, salt, sand and sun the Speed System lines may stretch or shrink. To…