Riot Curv Harness from ION

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Riot Curv Harness from ION

Strap in – this is a long one and well worth it! Join the Naish crew for an epic adventure in the lagoons of Brazil, featuring a rail session, freestyle action, big air sends, beach buggies, and much more… VOTE NAISH HOUSE BRAZIL if you think this movie deserves it!

The year is 2022 and kiteboarding has been going through a lot of changes. Seven Pro Naish riders from various kiteboarding backgrounds join together and embark on a road trip through the Northeast of Brazil. Experience the connection between nature and kiteboarding through the lens of Stoke Farm Productions.

Starring: Stig Hoefnagel, Cohan van Dijk, Louka Pitot, Nadja Bianchet, Jinne Boer, Ewan Jaspan, Leo Verrecchia, and Ray Borg

Edit/Cinematography: Edwin Haighton

Thank you to our additional supporters: Revo, Insta360, Noir Matter, and Vertra
Special thanks to: Naish Brazil, Adriano Lavezzo, Rato Fernandes, BGK, Leticia Maria, Casa Santa Maria, Povo do Mar, Soul Tatajuba

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