Best Kitesurfing Video of 2022

Best Kitesurfing Video of 2022

Readers Awards 2022

2 years ago

The mini private lagoon in Taiba not only saw the bangers Coco put down this year. The polish crew also left a mark, and those...

2 years ago

Last year, when Jalou Langeree decided to leave professional kiteboarding and her North team rider contract to make Reconnect, North Kiteboarding promised to keep the...

2 years ago

A week of kiteglamping in the Ksivarsi wilderness area sounds like the best adventure ever! Watch Mika, Ari & Jaakko take on an adventure that...

2 years ago

Now THAT’S how you #IGNITEYOURFIRE – This is one for the books! “Being in that moment, absorbing all the elements and emotions to the fullest....

2 years ago

There are entertaining kiteboarding movies; then there are movies that go straight to the core. Learn how Lasse Walker overcame physical and mental setbacks following...

2 years ago

Ewan Jaspan skipped the 10-second reels and dropped this full-length 26 min kiteboarding movie – Get this one on the big screen, trust us and...

2 years ago

Take a trip down memory lane with Jack Rieder! Although Jack’s only been kiteboarding for about six years, his relationship with the oceans and lakes...

2 years ago

Strap in – this is a long one and well worth it! Join the Naish crew for an epic adventure in the lagoons of Brazil,...

2 years ago

If you haven’t seen this yet – what are you waiting for?! A short film by Tiago Azzi featuring Sebastian Ribeiro and Pedro Matos showcasing...

2 years ago

Airush Kiteboarding’s Oswald Smith and Charlie Wise take on Indo in this insanely entertaining edit, TIDAK APA-APA – It’s all fun and games when these...

2 years ago

We knew ‘Return to Sender” was in the works, and we could not wait to see it. Needless to say, it was well worth the...

2 years ago

Manera has done it again in LES COQUILLARDS – “Bands of vagabonds who cross the Camino de Santiago under the garb of false pilgrims (falsos...

2 years ago

If anyone makes entertaining videos, it’s Nick Jacobsen! So when we heard there was a 25-minute movie in the works, we knew we’d be well...

2 years ago

The Duotone crew couldn’t believe how many good spots there were to ride in Sardinia for the Dice SLS shoot! So, in the end, they...

2 years ago

Ready for this one? Rienstra does it all but isn’t content with kiteboarding on normal water – He’s always on the hunt for FEATURES! Kite...

2 years ago

If you’ve never heard of Achill Island, you better watch this NOW! “Oh, that was just magical; it looked like another world, I never had...

2 years ago

We're not surprised that this one is nominated for an award! Oman is a Middle Eastern dreamscape where the wind blows night and day, sculpting...

2 years ago

30-min of stunning footage from The Norway Project – grab a coffee; you’ll love this. The Lofoten archipelago is located north of the Arctic Circle...

2 years ago

Tom Bridge oozes style in Twenty Thirst, and we’re not surprised to see this one get a nomination - if you haven't seen this one...

2 years ago

This movie made it just in time for the awards! Explore some of the world’s northernmost spots with the MANERA team as we travel to...

2 years ago

James Carew’s STORMING episodes have been on our Movie Night list several times throughout the year, and in this episode, they head to Cape Verde...

2 years ago

We rarely see full-length movies, so when this 30 min-action-packed movie dropped, we had a feeling it would be an awards contender! Even though Knot...

2 years ago

After more than a decade of performing at the highest level and inspiring an entire generation, Mitu Monteiro now spends his time between his family...


Ah, our favourite but one of the hardest awards to nominate for! With loads of videos posted daily, we try to share the best of the best. From 15-second reels to 1-hour-long movies - we see it all; we share it all! But, the Best Kitesurfing Video needs to stand the test of time, and we’ve chosen the ones that made the strongest impression. We’ve nominated our favs, but the ultimate choice is yours… our readers. What was the Best Kitesurfing Video you watched in 2022? Vote here!

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