Lieuwe Shotgun Paradise Series Board

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Lieuwe Shotgun Paradise Series Board

ION’s Write Your Own Chapter – Episode 8 is OUT! ‘The Fine Line’ showcases Aaron Hadlow’s unique relation to the thrill of big air kiteboarding.

5x World Champion and 2x King of the Air winner Aaron Hadlow has been on the kiteboarding scene for more than two decades. So one would assume he’s seen it all and can’t be thrilled by anything anymore. But whether you’re an experienced pro or a weekend warrior, we all experience the same excitement before hitting the water. Will the forecast come together? How far can you push it without failing? Redefine your limits. Reap the rewards.

When Aaron is out there, a strange comfort sets in; he’s in his element. That’s what he does—always searching for the biggest one. It’s the thrill. That’s what he lives for. So seek your freedom and #WriteYourOwnChapter. Enjoy Episode 8; we sure did!

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Wed 23rd Mar, 2022 @ 3:00 pm

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