In a rarely seen glimpse of life from another world, this is a kite edit you need to watch! Saudi Arabia doesn’t crop up on most kiters itineraries when it comes to a holiday destination, but the place is blessed with clear water, wind and of course plenty of sand and great beaches! The Crown Prince is looking to modernise and empower the country and its inhabitants and he organised a huge Kite Festival. This is the first ever and biggest festival to be had of its kind, over 38,000 people came. Damien Leroy, Evan Netsch and Mark Miedama headed over there to represent kitesurfing and had an absolute blast.

“Last Fall we had the incredible opportunity to travel with a group of close friends to the far-off land of Saudi Arabia. We were specially invited as part of an initiative called SaudiVision2030 with the purpose to demonstrate the sport of kiteboarding to encourage change, openness, and diversity in an otherwise conservative society. We invite you to experience Saudi through our lens.” – Justin Bruns

Film – Wavelength Images

Tue 6th Feb, 2018 @ 1:30 pm

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