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2 days ago

Cabrinha’s 2nd version of the Mantis V2 has made large strides forward. The sizing has been refined for better flow throughout the range with a…

6 days ago

INCOMING... Here & Now' - Cabrinha 02 - Dropping tomorrow! Evolution was always deemed as something that takes a substantial time to accomplish. The past…

1 month ago

Evan Netsch, Damien Leroy and Gwen Le Tutour tow each other into some small waves and practice backflips, without their wings.

2 months ago

Cabrinha launched the new X3 wing this fall, and in this review, Gwen Le Tutor and Evan Netsch talk us through the improvements! It is…

3 months ago

2 and a half min of pure Hatteras Bliss - it's hard to beat summer sessions in Cape Hatteras! While filming to make the 'How…

3 months ago

Jump BIGGER (Part II) with Evan Netsch in his latest vlog! In this weeks episode, Evan talks about some more advanced and less conventional kite…

4 months ago

Wax or deck pads? Evan Netsch talks us through the pros and cons of each! Interested? Watch this!

4 months ago

Evan Netsch is back with another killer combo; The frontroll 360 shuvit. The challenge in this trick is the number of variables. First, you will…

4 months ago

#TGIF - Let's take your strapless riding to the next level this weekend! A Strapless Frontroll for many people is on of the benchmark kitesurfing…