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1 day ago

Damien Leroy is back with some more top tips for us - and this one we've seen happen on the beach, time and time again!

1 week ago

Wing foiling gear is not cheap, so it's important to take care of it. In this video, Damien Leroy shares a few maintenance tips that…

1 month ago

Is foiling for you? Take 15 minutes to find out! Damien Leroy put together a full and instructional video on foiling. By the time you've…

2 months ago

Curious about the 2021 Cabrinha Moto? Damien Leroy's been riding one for a while, and he's got a load of intel to share with you.…

2 months ago

Hooked on kite foiling and want to take the next step in your progression? Tick jumping off of your trick list with Damien Leroy! In…

2 months ago

Whether you're kite foiling, wing foiling, surf or wake foiling, trying to find the perfect foil wing can be like going down a rabbit hole.…

3 months ago

Light wind, foil friendly, and all new for 2021, Damien Leroy and Jon Modica tell you everything you wanted to know about the new single…

4 months ago

There's no such thing as too old! As a long time kiteboarder, this 63-year-old couldn't help but get involved when Damien Leroy and Jon Modica…

7 months ago

Meet 63-year-old, Harry Andrews! Gwen Le Tutour put this video together to inspire others to go after whatever it is you look to do in…