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4 weeks ago

With over 25 years in competitive sports, Damien LeRoy is on a mission to give back and share all that he has learned. In this video,…

11 months ago

Damien Leroy goes foiling during the Shark migration up the Florida coast, one of the most spectacular things you can witness... from a boat! We'd…

12 months ago

Some tips for the weekend! Join Evan Netsch and Damien LeRoy, as they breakdown how to self land your kite when no one is around…

12 months ago

Some useful tips for the weekend! Evan Netsch and Damien LeRoy breakdown how to untangle your lines when you have inverted your kite in the…

2 years ago

Kitesurfer Damien Leroy has his GoPro stolen by a Coyote! Not ideal, he was lucky to get it back... A curious Coyote meets my GoPro.…

2 years ago

Sometimes you must take the easy way down! FLY.  A spectacular place, Skyline, Utah.

2 years ago

In a rarely seen glimpse of life from another world, this is a kite edit you need to watch! Saudi Arabia doesn't crop up on…

3 years ago

Join Damien Leroy as he explores the Unknown of Alaska while sending some serious maneuvers under his snow kite! This spot looks absolutely stunning! Shot…

4 years ago

Get Inspired with Damien Leroy in this action packed compilation featuring kiting, paragliding, snowkiting, SUPsurfing and so much more! An upbeat and positive video to start…