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4 months ago

Damien Leroy kitesurfing during a shark migration in Florida!

8 months ago

Here's a fun way to spice up your wing foil session! The cowboy jibe is a variation of the wing-foiling jibe, so you must have…

8 months ago

Sensi Graves is one of the most influential women in our industry, having made her mark on the pro riding scene while starting and running…

11 months ago

Welcome to the Gwen and Damo LIVE show Episode 53. Join Gwen and Demo as they get the full breakdown of all the new 2023…

11 months ago

Cabrinha just released their new 2023 wing range with a new version of the popular Mantis and a brand new model, the Vision. Damien Leroy…

12 months ago

When Damien Leroy babysits!

1 year ago

In this vlog, Damien Leroy and Gwen Le Tutour review Cabrinha's inflatable wing board, the Macro Air. This is a great board for learning and…

1 year ago

Massive congrats to Damien Leroy - AWSI Wing Foil Rider of the Year! I am very thankful to have been selected as one of three…

1 year ago

Damien Leroy shares some tips to land your first board offs! Ready? Go!