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1 month ago

Damien Leroy and Jon Modica talk us through the easiest and safest way to tow behind a kite!

4 months ago

It's a lot harder to learn how to use a wing in the water on a moving board. In this tutorial, Damien LeRoy breaks down…

4 months ago

Damien Leroy breaks down the basics of wingfoiling in his latest tutorial. Got any questions? Let us know in the comments below.

5 months ago

Damien Leroy's latest wingsurfing tutorial is out, and in this episode, he talks us through the toe side and heel side tack. If you have…

5 months ago

Gwen Le Tutour and Damien LeRoy know a thing or two when it comes to wingfoiling, and in this tutorial, they talk us through one…

5 months ago

Do not try this at home, or at the beach, or even in your dreams (ok, maybe in your dream) Damien Leroy just released his…

5 months ago

Damien Leroy is back with some more top tips for us - and this one we've seen happen on the beach, time and time again!

6 months ago

Wing foiling gear is not cheap, so it's important to take care of it. In this video, Damien Leroy shares a few maintenance tips that…

7 months ago

Is foiling for you? Take 15 minutes to find out! Damien Leroy put together a full and instructional video on foiling. By the time you've…