Evan Netsch

Evan Netsch

Pro Rider

8 months ago

Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of product design or growing the communities around the world, Cabrinha have one focus...to have fun! Cabrinha is more than…

11 months ago

Cabrinha’s 2nd version of the Mantis V2 has made large strides forward. The sizing has been refined for better flow throughout the range with a…

11 months ago

INCOMING... Here & Now' - Cabrinha 02 - Dropping tomorrow! Evolution was always deemed as something that takes a substantial time to accomplish. The past…

12 months ago

Evan Netsch, Damien Leroy and Gwen Le Tutour tow each other into some small waves and practice backflips, without their wings.

1 year ago

Cabrinha launched the new X3 wing this fall, and in this review, Gwen Le Tutor and Evan Netsch talk us through the improvements! It is…

1 year ago

2 and a half min of pure Hatteras Bliss - it's hard to beat summer sessions in Cape Hatteras! While filming to make the 'How…

1 year ago

Jump BIGGER (Part II) with Evan Netsch in his latest vlog! In this weeks episode, Evan talks about some more advanced and less conventional kite…

1 year ago

Wax or deck pads? Evan Netsch talks us through the pros and cons of each! Interested? Watch this!

1 year ago

Evan Netsch is back with another killer combo; The frontroll 360 shuvit. The challenge in this trick is the number of variables. First, you will…

1 year ago

#TGIF - Let's take your strapless riding to the next level this weekend! A Strapless Frontroll for many people is on of the benchmark kitesurfing…

1 year ago

Trying to land those strapless backrolls? Well, you're in luck! In this weeks episode, Evan Netsch shares his top tips! Check it out! As we…

1 year ago

In this weeks episode, Evan Netsch (and Keahi De Aboitiz) talk us through a Toeside Frontside 180 or in surfing terms, an Air Reverse (which…

Issue 84

The best photos without anywhere else to go!

2 years ago
Issue 83

More incredible images with no place to call home, check them out!

2 years ago
Issue 75

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

3 years ago
Issue 69

Ryan Osmond took a chance, ditched his tedious job, and followed his dreams. Now, his backyard is the REAL Watersports slick, and his day-to-day has him creating photos and videos with the best riders in the sport. Get to know this British/American media producer who is equal parts talent, dedication and hard work.

4 years ago
Issue 63

Evan Netsch heads off to the other side of the world on the Cabrinha Quest to ride in places where nobody has ridden before!

5 years ago
Issue 59

The Cabrinha Fireball was the first “game changer”, what do you make of it though? We asked Pete Cabrinha the questions you put on social media, do his responses convince you to get on board?

6 years ago

Life in the water.

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