Liquid Force Kites Hi Fi 9m 2008 Kitesurfing Review

Liquid Force Kites Hi Fi 9m 2008

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At A Glance

The Hi Fi from Liquid Force is the new competition orientated kite from them, aimed at the top end of the performance scale and using an uncompromising 5th line set up as opposed to a bridle. It has two set up options, on one for more advanced riders, you can leave the fifth line above the bar and out of the way, on the other you can bring it down to the chicken loop so you can use it as a safety. Obviously if you aren’t totally confident in your riding we would recommend going for the safer option, but choice is always a good thing! The bar itself is a very pimp affair from Liquid Force, their kit just seems to keep getting better and better! It is very short and feels solid in the hands the chicken loop and depower is also really simple, in fact that is a word that neatly describes the entire set up… Simple. The kite itself is packed with features, one pump is a standard and the kite is also really well reinforced in all the right places. Some neat little attentions to detail are also present especially with the logos and graphics. A great looking kite that should appeal to all tastes

In the Air

The Hi Fi feels solid enough in the window when you first launch it, and the small bar feels good in your hands. Venturing out on to the water for the first time you will notice how quick the kite is through the window. With a light bar pressure you can put some input into the bar and the kite will turn lightening fast with a smooth power delivery. Upwind is good and the jumps not only excite as the kite rips you off the water but also give the rider some epic hangtime on the way down, the kite is really floaty in the air. But perhaps the most surprising thing considering the 5th line set up is the depower. The Hi Fi has a really short depower throw, which means with just small movements on the bar you can control a huge sheeting range with the kite. It is really quite startling to have so much control at your fingertips, especially with a 5th line set up. On one of the days we had it out it was mentally gusty and the wind was punching through at 40mph at times. Yet the kite felt as stable as could be expected and with just a short movement on the bar was totally under control.

For the wave riders out there you will love its fast turning speed, allowing you to crank the kite in the turns when you need to, but the added depower will also mean on the bigger days with the surfboard you can park the kite and just ride the waves down the line without having to use the kite. If freestyle is more your thing then the Hi Fi is sure to excite too, as a stable wake style pulling machine it really excels and it also delivers some punchy hardcore loops as well. Unhooked the kite is very balanced and the big chicken loop make hooking in and out really easy.


Fast and quick through the turns, with a surprising amount of control and depower.


It is actually hard to find fault with the Hi Fi, the bar is sweet and the rigging and kite itself is excellent. The chicken loop doesn’t have the easiest of releases, but this is a kite for a rider who isn’t going to be bothered about that…


A great package from Liquid Force, once again proving that they are a force to be reckoned with this season. Their kites just keep getting better and better and the Hi Fi is perhaps even better than the very popular Havoc 2. If you want out and out performance from your kit then the Hi Fi is well worth a look.

This review was in Issue 9 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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