Liquid Force Kites Envy 10m 2010 Kitesurfing Review

Liquid Force Kites Envy 10m 2010

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At A Glance

The Envy is a 3 strut design that Liquid Force dub as a Delta Hybrid. It keeps the diamond wingtips of the Havoc and the same USB 2.0 bridle. The build quality of the Liquid Force gear has always impressed us. In the past they have always paid lots of attention to the detail and the Envy is no exception. There are some really great touches in the design and layout, little things that make you realise they have thought about the final product. Black on black print on the struts is there purely for your pleasure. One-pump is standard and the kite is well made with plenty of reinforced stitching in all the usual wear points.

The Bar

In a nod to their wakeboard roots the CPR control system is about as simple as you could make it. While simple though, it retains all the features you would need - they are just in a very tidy package. O’shit handles for added safety, a centre line safety and the all new CPR chicken loop. The loop is great, fully moulded with no moving metal parts it simply snaps on and off. One of the best systems we have seen so far it inspires confidence in your set up. There is also a sliding stopper ball and the whole bar is colour coded to ensure you set it up the right way.

In the Air

The Envy is a real powerhouse, it has loads of deep down low end power; the lower aspect ratio obviously helping to deliver some grunt. Bar pressure is minimal, just enough to give the rider good feedback as to where the kite is in the air. Steering is fairly direct, it isn’t as snappy as a direct connect rear line, but the bridle doesn’t hinder the experience too much. The instant depower that you get from the bridle set up is a welcome aspect and the diamond wingtips obviously help give the kite it’s range. The canopy was pretty solid, even when heavily depowered and the pull through the air was very smooth. The Envy has a tendency to sit a little further back in the window; this means that while it has lots of low-end power it is hard to get it to cruise upwind at the bottom of its wind range. Once the wind picks up a little this ceases to be a problem. Unhooked performance is great and the kite is very well behaved when you initiate moves. Jumping is impressive and the kite delivers plenty of boost when you send it back through the window. It is a fun kite that is easy to fly and lots of riders will get a great deal out of the Envy. If you are a heavier rider it definitely works better in the middle and towards the top of its wind range.


Well built all round freeride kite which will come alive when the wind gets up. Jumping and unhooked riding is really impressive.


While it has lots of low-end power, it comes at a cost of upwind ability in light airs.


A well thought out and well made kite that will appeal to lots of riders. The low-end power will excite wakestyle riders, it works well as a park and play kite. At the same time if you enjoy a freeride blast then the kite has plenty to offer you.

This review was in Issue 22 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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