Eleveight Kites RS 12m 2020 Kitesurfing Review

Eleveight Kites RS 12m 2020

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At A Glance

Eleveight’s all-round freeride kite the RS, is back again for 2020 complementing their five kite line up as the freeride/crossover model. Designed for use by a range of people in an array of disciplines, it would suit those riders who do not wish to be locked into a certain style.

The RS features 3 struts, a simple bridle, effective 1-pump system, and a large universal style inflate/deflate valve. Eleveight have really thought about the construction of their kites for this year and have opted for the proven Teijin XT Dacron and Techno Force X4 Ripstop for longevity.

New for 2020 Eleveight have changed the angle of attack of the kite for increased power delivery. The delta style wingtip sweep has been increased for added low end power and upwind drive, and a new 5 point bridle system is in play for increased feedback through the bar and added support.

The kites come equipped in a strong bag with enough pockets for all your extras, and a spares and repair kit to cover any quick fixes should you ever need to make them.

Sizes: 5,6,7,8,9,10,12,14,17 meters

The Bar

Eleveight have produced the 4-line CS Vary Bar for use with all the kites in their range. Coming in two sizes, a smaller 42/50cm and a larger 47/55cm, it has the ability to change the length between the two outside lines by using the Easy Line Adjustment mechanism in the ends of the bar. This feature allows you to fine tune your bar to your riding style and needs.

The main body of the bar has a great narrow grip, which is then coated with grippy anti-slip EVA Thermo-Foam for superior comfort and control. Moulded bar ends keep things neat, and it is here the adjustment mechanism is situated.

Eleveight’s chicken loop, the Quick-Matic, has been moulded, and the push-away release conforms to the French safety standards of 6kg pressure through the mechanism to eject. To reconnect the loop, there is no need to fiddle around with anything complicated, simply insert the end of the loop back into the release and it reconnects like a seat belt. The safety is attached to a single front line, which comes through the bar on a bungeed line to keep it clean.

The 4 x 22m lines are made from high quality thermocoated spectre. Manufactured in Germany with a breaking strain of over 200kg you can be sure they will last a long time. The connectors have been designed to be easily identifiable between front and back lines to avoid any wrong connection too.

The centre line is then connected to an effective cleat mechanism with a big depower range, whilst the safety line bypasses this and connects above. A stopper ball is situated on the centre lines for those who like to customise their bar throw.

"Predictability is the beauty of this kite"

In The Air

The RS is incredibly smooth to fly, and from first launch you feel safe underneath the colourful canopy, no matter the conditions. The delta shape of the kite keeps it flying forward at all times, and there is a prominent front line pull and a driving nature which gets you shifting upwind quickly with minimal effort.

The bar pressure on the RS is light and even when the wind kicks in certainly never goes past the ‘moderate’ stage. Once powered, the kite becomes nicely direct with a tight driving turn. In less powered conditions there is a slight delay in the initiation of the turn with the bar half sheeted or more, but with some aggressive input you can counter this quite easily.

The low end of the RS has an obvious increase, and we were surprised by the effectiveness once some speed is generated. Likewise, there is a large amount of usable depower through the bar, and add in the cleat you have a huge range on offer from one kite. Eleveight claim that with the RS you could get away with a two kite quiver, and we would be inclined to agree.

For some classic boosts and old school fun, the RS provides a brilliant floaty jump with good feedback throughout and even into landing. The kite again flies well forward which keeps speed through the jump into the landing and exit. For those just starting out, timings do not need to be quite as perfect as some to still get a nice bit of height, though add in a solid pop and you will start to get into those double figures with ease in the right winds.

We couldn’t resist throwing a few loops on the RS, its confidence inspiring nature encourages you to start pulling them earlier and earlier and we never felt out of control. Not the biggest loop, but certainly one to keep you coming back for more and giving you the confidence to add spins and other variations in too.

The RS unhooks with good stability, and keeps pulling throughout the trick and into the landings for some incredibly satisfying board slaps.

Relaunching posed no problems at all, the delta shape of the kite ensures the kite rolls over and sits waiting you before some input on the bar gets the kite into the air again.


Predictability and smooth power delivery in a range of conditions.


Some more experienced riders may want a bit more of a spark than the RS has to offer, in which case the FS kite from the Eleveight stable would be better suited.


The RS is a well constructed kite with all-round safe performance to suit those freeriders who want a kite to depend on in all conditions. Predictability is the beauty of this kite, with smooth power delivery and the ability to turn to any part of our multi-discipline sport. Good floaty jumps, easy unhooked capabilities and a confidence-inspiring loop for those looking to progress.


This review was in Issue 77 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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