North Kiteboarding Team Series 138 x 42cm 2017 Kitesurfing Review

North Kiteboarding Team Series 138 x 42cm 2017

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At A Glance

The Team Series is the premier freestyle board in the North Kiteboarding lineup, aimed at the avid freestyler looking to take on the competition and stand on the podium. Ridden by their pro team nothing has been spared in either materials or technology when it comes to this board.

For 2017 there is a new outline which gives the board a slightly rounder shape designed to make it even easier to ride. It is intended to be ridden with boots, although you can use it with the NTT strap and pad set up if you desire. The underside of the board features a unique shape with lots of channels for grip and also a special section in the middle of the board purely designed to smooth out hard landings.

It features the North Track System for unlimited stance options and ships with small 35mm fins, with slightly less rocker than the Gambler and a stiff flex it is perfectly tuned to be fast and explosive on the water.

On The Water

The Team Series is a little lighter than the heavy duty Gambler; it features a Carbon Beam construction to save on weight but is also markedly thinner than its wakestyle brother. On the water, the flatter rocker line offers increased speed, which makes for some explosive entries into your tricks.

The stiff mid section allows plenty of load and release, and there are massive amounts of pop. The unique shaping on the bottom makes landings a breeze even in choppy water. The ride feels a little more like a performance race car than a comfortable SUV, on the flat it is lightening fast and smooth, but in the chop, the stiff flex combines with the flatter rocker to give a firm ride.

“Fast, explosive and with built in landing gear!”

It’s easy to see why the Team Series is so popular, the exciting nature of this board coupled with its impressive performance combine to put a smile on your face. It’s bombproof in its construction and beautifully made too, North have been using a new factory, and they have got the finish dialled.


Fast, explosive, easier to ride than last year and with landing gear built in the Team Series is sure to fulfil the needs of the most demanding freestylers out there!

This review was in Issue 62 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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