North Kiteboarding Gonzales 130 x 38cm 2017 Kitesurfing Review

North Kiteboarding Gonzales 130 x 38cm 2017

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At A Glance

The powerhouse of North Kiteboarding have had the Gonzales in their lineup for many years. A stable all rounder, it suits those who need their first board to those who want one board for everything. It is also no stranger to younger riders, NKB re-launched their ‘Young Blood’ project last summer, with the Gonzales being the designated board, along with the Mono kite.
A relatively simple board, the Gonzales has been designed as a true all-rounder and is perfect for your first kiteboard

Featuring a soft flex and a rounded shape, the board has been designed to be as nurturing as possible with nothing to catch you out after any mistakes. Bright red in colour, the design is simple yet stylish without trying to be anything fancy.

Sizes: 130x38, 134x40, 138x41.5, 142x43, 151x44

On The Water

Firstly the Entity pad and strap combo supplied with the Gonzales are great; super comfy and fantastic adjustment to be even too small for our smallest tester! Everything has been tailored for an easy experience. The handle for carrying the board is soft, the edges are not too sharp should you accidentally bash the board on your leg and the pads and straps are comfy with plenty of grip for your foot too.

Once into the water and Gonzales powers off really well. It's very forgiving, you are certainly able to make mistakes, but the board will hold its speed to let you quite literally ride them out. The Gonzales rides upwind well with minimum input; some boards you need to drive quite aggressively round, but the Gonzales will cruise upwind with ease.

"Should a gust hit you can quite easily edge it out, also sending up a very satisfying amount of spray."

The larger sized fins equipped with the board do make for excellent grip, and should a gust hit you can quite easily edge it out, while sending up a very satisfying amount of spray! Carving is enjoyable; the rounded tips keep everything supple and fluid.

The soft flex of the Gonzales is fantastic in the chop, and you will hardly notice the lumps and bumps, there is certainly no brain shaking to be had!

The board isn't dripping in technology and obviously isn't aimed at freestylers, but if you are looking for some classic big air and freeride delights, look no further! Also worthy of note is the bright colour of the board which makes spotting it after a crash very easy; something our junior testers were very thankful for!


A great board to get you going in kitesurfing. Perfect for those first few seasons of finding your style and getting to grips with a range of conditions.


This review was in Issue 63 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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