Nobile Kiteboarding Beleza NHP 132 x 40cm 2015 Kitesurfing Review

Nobile Kiteboarding Beleza NHP 132 x 40cm 2015

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At A Glance

Nobile have re-vamped their entire board range for 2015, with bold graphics that feature as part of their Saudade Collection. They have interpreted the Brazilian Portuguese word (which doesn’t really have a direct translation but encompasses ‘memory of emotions, experiences, places or events which brought us joy and the sense of happiness’), with saudade being a longing for ocean, wind, sun and beach. Creating a positive yearning for the sense of freedom, happiness and love, whilst also recognizing that those travels cause us to miss home, family and things close to our heart.

The Nobile Saudade Collection designs are intended to conjure up images of Brazil in the sixties, modern architechture, diverse culture, colourful fashion, bright beaches and beautiful people. It’s a pretty deep analogy for some graphic designs on kiteboards, but equally shows that some good thought has been put into the boards and their appearance. And, let’s face it, the designs do look striking, eye-catching and a little different to the norm.

I’ll be the first to admit that when the Beleza NHP arrived at the office it made me want to head to the beach, and the bright graphics look right at home in the sunshine…saudade indeed!

Ok, enough about the paint job, us girls want to know that this is a decent kiteboard and not just a chunk of wood with pretty colours. The Beleza NHP is the women’s specific version of the men’s Pro NHP, it has all the features of the men’s board, but has been completely re-engineered to cater for females with regards to physique, stance, flex etc. Nice to know it’s not just the addition of some pink!

Before even setting up the pads and straps (or bindings if you’re going down that route), it’s clear once you have the board in your hands that the attention to detail with the graphics doesn’t end there. Nobile boards have always been reknowned for their excellent build quality, high-end finishing and technical features, and this has continued into the 2015 line-up. A dynamic asymmetrical shape, elliptical progressive concave, CAV-complete anti-vibration technology, hydrodynamic rockerline, X-reactive flex system, honeycomb, APS technology with added pre-stress…the technology list really is endless. All this nestled under a glossy lacquer that is just begging to be admired.

On The Water

We’ve been fans of Nobile boards for a while now at IKSURFMAG HQ, and the new Beleza NHP has won our hearts once again. It’s their high-end board for those looking to progress their freestyle riding, challenge themselves and take it to the next level. The asymmetrical outline gives amazing upwind ability and early planing, so you can get right back up there to hold your ground and try trick after trick.

The NHP is slightly stiffer than the more freeride orientated Beleza T5 model, providing excellent pop to boost you into those moves. This hasn’t compromised the smoothness with which it rides through choppy seas or the nice soft landings however, those attributes are still there and very much welcomed.

We rode the board with both the Nobile footpads and straps and also bindings, and it lends itself to both. The straps and footpads supplied with the board are intended to cover XS-XXL foot sizes with plenty of adjustment, but we found them to be a little chunky and not as comfortable for smaller sized feet. It would be nice to have some female specific footpads and bindings to complete the overall well-designed package, but of course this is a minor niggle and one that can be easily addressed with some alternative pads or by fitting your own bindings.

The grip is brilliant, without feeling like you’re locked to the water, and the speed you can carry whilst still feeling in control is excellent. Whether you’re boosting big airs, working on your latest unhooked manoeuvre, popping off waves or just out for a cruise, the Beleza NHP will be a pleasure to have along for the ride and encourages you to feel in control. It never once felt like it wasn’t up to the job in hand, and gave such a feeling of confidence beneath you that you’d be pushing to try harder, go higher, and tweak things even more.

“All this nestled under a glossy lacquer that is just begging to be admired”


A superb board for those wanting to push their riding. More than capable, and wanting you to take on more challenges, yet with a forgiving heart. The Beleza NHP excels in a wide variety of conditions and will always put a smile on your face, not least because it’s packed with features, looks awesome and has a build quality to match. Add this to your wardrobe and you won’t be disappointed!

This review was in Issue 51 of IKSURFMAG.


By Robin and Sukie
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