Ocean Rodeo Jester 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Ocean Rodeo Jester 2017

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At A Glance

The Jester is part of Ocean Rodeos ‘Mako’ series, which has its own die-hard fans the world over.
Billed as the first kiteboarding ‘funboard’ the Jester has been designed as a board for everyone to play around in the surf or the flat, or a bit of both, with an emphasis on pure fun. The Jester comes in a relatively small 5’1 size, and has less volume and thinner rails than its big brother the Duke.

Built with the tried and tested compression moulded construction; the Jester has a full EVA deck pad and future fin boxes. Supplied with 5 fins, it is your choice whether you ride the board as a thruster or quad fin set up. There are also some super comfy straps supplied, but we often chose to ride the board strapless to make the most of its versatility.

Sometimes it’s the little details: we’re going to mention the completely excellent multitool. It has everything you need to build board and is even colour coded to it as well!

Size: 5’1¼ x 18⅛

On The Water

As the name might suggest, the Jester has been designed to be fun, and boy it is! It’s super easy to get on and ride, the concave bottom keeps things stable and is very forgiving. Grippy in all water states, it is in the waves and big chunks of chop where the Jester comes alive. Any little lump becomes something you will want to either smash or pop off.

For traditional wave riding the Jester is a blast. Super quick, nimble and with lots of bite in the turns it will keep you grinning for hours. The smaller size of the Jester lets you get into situations you might otherwise be wary of, and due to its bombproof construction keeps you carefree throughout.

The Jester has been designed to be fun, and boy it is!

For some strapless trickery, the Jester is fantastic. The full grip pad is very welcome, not only to add insane grip and comfort, but also for those learning not to worry about specific foot placements and rather just go out and have fun throwing themselves and the board around.


A kiteboarding funboard which is exactly that. Small enough for any amateur to throw around and with the performance for those looking for something a little bit special. We have been completely won over by the Jester.


This review was in Issue 61 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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