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5 years ago

Knot Future gets the scope on Aaron Hadlow thoughts about the variety of disciplines, the Olympics, board off's, bad trends and his new film Twenty. Interesting...

5 years ago

It's Monday, and time to kick-start your week with a bit of inspiration! Do you want to know more about kiteboarding and the Olympics, then...

11 years ago

If you follow our news then you will have seen the numerous posts that have gone up on here by myself ever since that fateful...

12 years ago

The IKA has just formally submitted it's proposal for the 2016 Games in Rio. The proposal has been submitted to ISAF and in essence is...

12 years ago

You know how it is with hangovers, they tend to get worse! And with the heady joys of our excellent sport being drafted into the...

12 years ago

Now that the news has sunk in and the dust has settled it's time to reflect on the decision that will undoubtedly change the face...

12 years ago

After just 12 short years kitesurfing has been recognised by ISAF and is to be included as an Olympic Discipline at Rio in 2016! Well...

12 years ago

Check out this profile of the race master John Heineken from the US. Filmed at the recent PKRA Racing event in Mexico.

12 years ago

North team riders – Blazej Ozog, Steph Bridge, Narayna & Alice were amongst the 15 riders from around the world chosen to represent their country...