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1 year ago

Knot Future gets the scope on Aaron Hadlow thoughts about the variety of disciplines, the Olympics, board off's, bad trends and his new film Twenty. Interesting…

2 years ago

The World Sailing Council approved a mixed kiteboarding team event in the 2024 Paris Olympics. The World Sailing Council has yet to determine the nature of…

7 years ago

If you follow our news then you will have seen the numerous posts that have gone up on here by myself ever since that fateful…

7 years ago

The IKA has just formally submitted it's proposal for the 2016 Games in Rio. The proposal has been submitted to ISAF and in essence is…

7 years ago

You know how it is with hangovers, they tend to get worse! And with the heady joys of our excellent sport being drafted into the…

8 years ago

Now that the news has sunk in and the dust has settled it's time to reflect on the decision that will undoubtedly change the face…

8 years ago

After just 12 short years kitesurfing has been recognised by ISAF and is to be included as an Olympic Discipline at Rio in 2016! Well…

8 years ago

Check out this profile of the race master John Heineken from the US. Filmed at the recent PKRA Racing event in Mexico.

8 years ago

North team riders – Blazej Ozog, Steph Bridge, Narayna & Alice were amongst the 15 riders from around the world chosen to represent their country…


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