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IT’S HERE! Duotone’s 2022 Neo SLS – a wave and strapless freestyle kite, even better with the Strong Light Superior construction featuring Penta TX; get barreled ft. Airton Cozzolino, James Carew, Matchu Lopes and Sebastian Ribeiro!

Last year, the Neo SLS took the world by storm; utilising cutting edge materials and new construction techniques, the world’s best wave kite got even better. SLS stands for Strong Light Superior and is the new mantra for all our high-end products where performance is the most critical factor. For the Neo SLS, this means replacing all the heavy Dacron material with the new Penta TX material up to 15% lighter. Combining this with the Trinity TX canopy and the incredible build quality, Duotone is famous for offers a winning combination. The kite flies incredibly well, especially in light winds; the reduced weight keeps it in the sky for longer, a huge advantage in the waves where drifting is essential and even more so in onshore conditions, where you often end up with slack lines.

In addition, the Neo SLS is the only Neo offering Flex Struts and combined with the lightweight construction. This Neo SLS is fast and delivers very dynamic turning with overall intuitive handling. You’ll notice the kite can hang in the air, allowing you to finish your move on the wave and get the tension back in the lines without dropping the kite. This new construction has transformed the Neo SLS into the ultimate wave kite. Increased wind range allows you to stay on the water for longer, and the incredibly dynamic handling has to be experienced.

Used by our pro riders, Airton Cozzolino, James Carew, Matchu Lopes and Sebastian Ribeiro, on the world tour, the Neo is the most decorated wave kite on the market, with more titles and wins than any other wave kite. It’s incredible for strapless freestyle. The new lighter materials in combo with the stiff frame allow you to jump higher and fly for longer, giving you the edge over the competition. The Neo SLS is the absolute pinnacle of performance; it’s the kite you need in your quiver if you take your wave and strapless freestyle riding seriously.

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Thu 23rd Sep, 2021 @ 9:00 pm


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