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Lieuwe Shotgun Paradise Series Board

In this weeks episode, Evan Netsch (and Keahi De Aboitiz) talk us through a Toeside Frontside 180 or in surfing terms, an Air Reverse (which is the natural progression from your regular toeside or frontside air) – if you have any questions, please comment below!

“Easiest learned in flat water then taken to the waves ideally in onshore wind conditions. Kiting in the waves can be like cheating and I would say this is the biggest cheater trick of all, with a little help from the kite this trick is one that is incredibly difficult surfing (I can’t do it) but relatively easy kiting in comparison. Thank you Keahi De Aboitiz for the guest appearance once again in this video.”

Next week: How to: Strapless Backroll – stay tuned!

Thu 2nd Sep, 2021 @ 3:00 am

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