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2 weeks ago

Cabrinha has released its largest collection of products in history. Get a sneak peek here! Full the full range right here.

2 weeks ago

Cabrinha's Mantis has become synonymous with its outstanding range and versatility. Not only does the wing perform amazingly in waves and on ocean downwinders, but…

2 weeks ago

Cabrinha's all-new Hollow Mast system is yet another example of the state-of-the-art foil program from Cab Design Works. It nods to the team's critical &…

3 weeks ago

For many, the lure to kitesurfing was one thing - Air. We were mesmerised by riders soaring to the sky with just a board attached…

2 months ago

Gwen Le Tutour and Evan Netsch review Cabrinha's wing foil sinker board Link - a great sinker board for wing foiling, but also perfect for…

6 months ago

From Cabrinha's latest 02F Collection - Boundaries are constantly being pushed in the sport of Wingsurfing. It was once thought that a sinker board was…

7 months ago

Travel with the #CabrinhaStreamer this summer through 10 countries, journeying over 10,000 kilometres and bringing the best vibes to a beach near you - this…

10 months ago

In this episode of 'Sessions' with Moona, Moona and Keahi take Cabrinha's new H-series foil out for some foil surfing on the north shore of…

10 months ago

Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of product design or growing the communities around the world, Cabrinha have one have fun! Cabrinha is more than…