A freestyle and park competition open to all junior kiteboarders! (Age 20 and under)! The Hood River Junior Jam will be a 2-day event on July 18 – 21, 2019 at the Hood River Sandbar — One day of freestyle and one day of park competition. The competition window extends over four days to give the best opportunity to hold the competition when wind and weather conditions are ideal.

If you register online before July 16th, the cost is $75 for both the freestyle and park events. If you would only like to compete in one event, registration is $50. Online registration will close on July 16th, and the price will go to $100 for both disciplines or $75 for athletes who register in person at inscription the night of the 17th. Register here!

Competition classes will be divided into four categories: Boys U21, Boys U15, Girls U21, Girls U15 *These age categories may shift based on registration numbers. We hope to have strong numbers in all age classes and will consider opening up a younger (U13) age category as well.

Grand Prize

The top finisher in the Boys U21 and Girls U21 park competition will earn an invitation to the 2019 Hood Jam IF the Hood Jam organising committee determines that the riders can compete safely and on an even playing field with the KPL competitors.

Learn more about the competition format, right here or contact Lindsay McClure at +1 (541) 490-4225 & lindsay@worldclassacademy.com 

Tue 9th Jul, 2019 @ 5:00 pm


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