If you watch ONE video today, make sure its this one! Get stoked with the Flysurfer crew – The new STOKE is a powerhouse designed for everyone from top athletes who want to push the boundaries to the weekend warrior working on their style.
Explosive jumps, huge unhooked pop, intuitive handling, dependable depower and endless drift, the STOKE gives you power on demand and lets you make the most of every situation. A kite that feels like an extension of your body, continually providing the feedback you need and reacting to your inputs even with minimal line tension.

Do not waste any time; go out and have fun. This is what the STOKE is all about!

For more information on Flysurfer Kiteboarding’s new Stoke 2, please click here.

Force Control Bar

The development team spent several seasons building the most reliable and durable cockpit for your flying experience. Get your hands on the FORCE control bar and feel the comfort of the grip and the ergonomic design. Using the markets most proven Quick Release, now available from Flysurfer. Choose from three bar sizes to get the perfect match for your style and kite size.
Its time to lock in and attempt your next trick with confidence.

For more information on Flysurfer Kiteboarding’s Force Bar, please click here.

Wed 22nd May, 2019 @ 9:00 am

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