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3 days ago

Light wind fun in Japan! With only 5 knots, Quentin tries out a Yukita (Japanese snow surf) with the kite...

1 week ago

We're not sure when Lolo BSD finds time to sleep or edit videos between all of these epic snowkite sessions! Check out Januarius 2021, a…

1 week ago

Do you kite with your family? George Argiriadis went for a session with his son in Greece. What a way to spend some quality time…

2 weeks ago

Full speed action incoming. George and Vagelis race training in Schinias, Greece on the FLYSURFER VMG2 15m. A helmet seems like a great idea when…

3 weeks ago

Quite possibly the top destination on everyone's 'To Kite' list, Petko Peychinov goes for a session in the pristine waters of Los Roques, Venezuela.

1 month ago

How much wind do you need to get going? If you have a big enough kite, anything is possible! These guys made it work in…

1 month ago

You don't need to live by the water to go kiteboarding! Lewis Wilby shows us how much fun you can have on solid ground with…

1 month ago

Is a foil kite for you? This video from Laurie at Our Kite Life gives you some insight into what you should consider before you…

1 month ago

Would you take a ski or a snowboard out on a snowkite? At Bernina, the BigDayz crew has perfect conditions for all of it -…