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9 months ago

Last month the FLYSURFER Kiteboarding crew, partners and riders visited Sal, why? To 'GET STOKED'! Watch this!

9 months ago

If you watch ONE video today, make sure its this one! Get stoked with the Flysurfer crew - The new STOKE is a powerhouse designed…

11 months ago

#rememberwhen the Flysurfer team travelled down to a beautiful lake close to the French Atlantic coast, packed with (back then!) the newest Speed3 Deluxe Coloured…

1 year ago

Dylan van der Meij jumping over whatever he can find, sharing the stoke with Lasse Walker!

1 year ago

YESSS! This IS what it's all about! Watch Dylan van der Meij showing the versatility of our all-new closed cell foil kite, the SOUL in…

1 year ago

Who says you can't loop a foil kite?! Fall has arrived, and the anxiety builds up for some proper wind under kiteboarders was high, check…

1 year ago

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider Dylan van der Meij, shares a small how-to tutorial edit on transitions, text instructions below! 1. Backroll hand drag: Come into the…

2 years ago

Insane footage with FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider Dylan van der Meij, boosting & freestyling around idyllic Bonaire, chased by Lasse Walker his drone, a true must…

2 years ago

You land some, you crash some - Dylan van der Meij just having a sick time at the Kite Cable in Thailand!