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3 years ago

You land some, you crash some - Dylan van der Meij just having a sick time at the Kite Cable in Thailand!

4 years ago

Flysurfer kiteboarding rider Dylan van der Meij escapes the European winter and checks out the amazing kiteboarding conditions in Thailand to play around with. Oh,…

4 years ago

This one is not to be missed! Flysurfer proudly present you: UNLOCK the film, unlock(ed) best describes how we feel kiteboarding should be, absolutely free…

4 years ago

Fly away kite!!! Sometimes the most fun can be had messing around on the beach... Don't try some of these at home! Short & Sharp,…

4 years ago

Have you seen anyone throw a dangle pass on a foilboard? Dylan van der Meij does it all - freestyle, waves, big air, foil riding!…

4 years ago

Great little drone video edit, with Flysurfer Kiteboarding rider Dylan van der Meij riding on his homespot, Noordwijk aan Zee (NL), with the BOOST2 15.0m, throwing…

5 years ago

We're not sure if freestyle foiling will ever fully take off...but it's still mighty impressive! Ready for some freestyle & airstyle kite hydrofoiling? Check out…

5 years ago

Have any of you got yourselves a splitboard? This edit features some awesome Flysplit2 split kiteboard fun from Chile and Argentina with FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider Dylan van…

6 years ago

Don't miss this stunning edit, the cinematography is spectacular! Location, soundtrack, slow motion, aerial footage, kitesurfing...this one has got it all. As one of the…