Be brave, be bold, break boundaries.

Mystic proudly presents the new Fall/Winter 18-19 collection. The R&D team at Mystic has created a dedicated collection for kiteboarding, windsurfing, and lifestyle. We’ve combined our passion and on-water experiences with new trends, fabrics, and innovations in order to deliver top quality products to stand out on the water day in, day out. This year’s Mystic collection is filled with loads of new products and features!

Almost our full wetsuit range has been redesigned with new colorways, patterns and packed with new features. Our high-end wetsuit, the Majestic, is the comfiest wetsuit with the softest touch and the most badass style. It has been updated with 3 new colorways, navy, dark olive, and black. The Majestic wetsuit will be all you need and comes with three different zipper options; front-zip, back-zip and zip free. The Majestic wetsuits are loaded with features, including 100% M-Flex 2.0 and GBS (Glued Blind Stitched). All full suits in the Majestic series are equipped with polar lining; a soft feel interior lining that reflects body heat and makes sure you will stay warm longer.

For the younger rider, we have the more accessible Drip and Star. The truly distinctive look of the Drip will make you stand out from the crowd while pulling off your tricks. The Drip and Star wetsuits range both had an awesome color update for those who want to stand out. In comparison to previous collections, the Star full suits have been upgraded with polar lining on the chest and back for a warmer core. All you need, at a great price.

For the ladies we’ve updated our most fashionable suit in the range, the Diva, it comes in pink/black and navy/lime with two different zipper options; front-zip and back-zip. The front-zip construction will provide more flex in the upper body, giving you that extra freedom of movement. Whereas the back-zip construction has an easier entry and overhead backup system to prevent water from coming into the suit. For the ladies who like to be in the spotlight, the Diva series is the way to go!

The Majestic X is still the proud leader within our harness collection and has been a continuous success since the launch. It is built to withstand the toughest conditions and made using the latest innovations. The full carbon bionic core frame is made from the best possible materials. This results in the stiffest and lightest hardshell on the market. The specific placement of the fibers allows us to create a frame that is extremely stiff horizontally whilst maintaining the flex diagonally, ensuring that the harness is able to follow the lines of your body. His little brother the Majestic is using the same design concept it’s brought to life using different materials, allowing for a more modest price point.

The two pro models for the ladies are inspired by the most progressive female riders in kiteboarding, Bruna Kajiya, and Jalou Langeree. They have been involved in the whole R&D process in order to create the first women’s hardshell harness. The stunning designs have been getting great feedback from the crowd.

Going on a trip? Our full board bag range has been updated! The new HXcomb shell and heavy-duty tarpaulin are prepared to take a beating. The XL wheels make it easy to take your gear anywhere, extra protection on the inside prevents wear from the sharp edges of your fins and the 3D mesh air vents keep your gear fresh! The look and feel of the full range have been updated with a clean and contemporary design.

Next to all these amazing products for on the water, we also want you to look good on any other occasion. The new lifestyle collection has never been closer to our DNA, with signature features from our waterwear collection it gives the new collection a fresh contemporary look. We’ve combined function and style, to keep you warm on those cold winter days and look stylish at the same time. Technical jackets to keep you comfortable on rainy and windy days, an awesome new sweat and tees range which are easy to mix and layer. Whatever the condition or the occasion, with Mystic you will look great on and off the water.

Thank you for believing in Mystic, we would like to thank our Team Riders who represent every inch of our brand all over the world, and the people who share the same passion for the sports we do.
Our collections are a reflection of our way of life and how we live it. Wander off the beaten path and choose your own.

Be brave, be bold, break boundaries. To view more Mystic products, please click here.

Sat 15th Sep, 2018 @ 9:00 am

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