Armin Harich, from the FLYSURFER Research and Development Team, chats to top-racer and fellow kite developer Benni Bölli, about their new SONIC2. In this tech talk video they explain you what the most important features and innovations are on this highly advanced race and airstyle wing.

SONIC2 Main features:
* Lotus/DLX+ Cloth Material Mix
* Double Cordwise Ballooning
* Flat Winglet Technology
* Maximum Pressure Valves
* Triple Depower Technology
* Smart Mini Ribs
* Automatic Drainage System
* Rigid Foil Technology
* LIROS Dyneema Lines
* IKA registered

For more information about the innovations and features of this new FLYSURFER-creation
check out the SONIC2-product page:
The SONIC2 is available in sizes: 6.0/9.0/11.0/13.0/15.0 & 18.0m

Thu 22nd Dec, 2016 @ 12:00 pm

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