Ruben Lenten has just released his teaser trailer for what looks like an epic three part series! It features all the usual insane kitesurfing that Ruben is known so well for as well as a whole load more…check it out!

Cheers to it, please do it… because we might never get to it again! Living in the moment and knowing what your values are is easier said than done… many things happen!

We can’t see, hear, know or feel everything. What we focus on and what makes us happy is our choice. You are in charge! Taking time to connect with your inner self is as important as deciding which adventures you dedicate yourself to. Through meditation, yoga, exercising and spending time in nature I have managed to dive a little deeper than ever before to truly find out who I am. For the first time in my life I am able say ‘I love you’ to myself from the bottom of my heart. Appreciating myself for who I am, what I do and what I think makes it so much easier to go with the flow and just be!

Those stupid/negative voices in my head finally shut up and now my full focus is on positive and bright happenings. Appreciating and respecting the basics in everyday life allows me to trust myself as a guide enabling my vision for a life where passion leads the way to outstanding adventures, ventures and above all epic feelings of freedom…

Please take a ride with me on some of the Cape Town adventures… 3 episodes to show you a little more about my passion, my world and my mind! Check out the trailer and make sure to check out the episodes in the next weeks.

Ride hard and fly high!

Thanks to Mother Nature, my fans, everyone spreading love and good vibes into this world and my dear partners: Red Bull, Best Kiteboarding, Mystic, Skycatch, Aloha, Wetransfer and Woo Sports. Your support is much appreciated!

Edit: Mikey Bizniz – Eyeforce Productions! Thanks boys!

Wed 13th May, 2015 @ 10:00 am

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