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11 months ago | 3:32

After his record jump off the Burj Al Arab, Nick was obviously looking for the next challenge! The world record for highest kite tow up.…

1 year ago | 00:48

You won't want to miss this! Held at the world-renowned Squamish Spit, KiteClash is Canada’s largest kiteboarding competition. With more than 70 athletes, KiteClash attracts…

1 year ago | 2:4

Big news from WOO if you're a skier or boarder! 3 years in development, WOO is bringing the game to the slopes! Check out all…

1 year ago | 8:35

Straight from Cape Town, Josh Emanuel joins us to answer your questions on approaching takeoff! In this episode, we break down bar and body position…

2 years ago | 11:14

Want to jump higher? This feature from WOO sports is a must watch! In this episode, we bring in one of our favorite Boston locals,…

2 years ago | 5:43

Woah!! Joshua Emanuel is back on top the WOO Kite Global Leaderboard - 28.9m - and a rivalry is brewing between him and Nick Jacobsen!…

2 years ago | 4:12

It's #wipeoutwednesday and Ben Beholz had a bit of a problem landing a big air... The result being losing lots of kit! Skip to 3:30…

2 years ago | 5:44

Ben Beholz gets caked in mud whilst filming his second VLOG. That's gotta suck! I have never been much into oldschool and bigairs. The xr5Challenge…

2 years ago | 2:54

Another amazing kiteboarding edit from Squamish! Iv'e called it Squamish 2.0 as my second summer in this beautiful region of British Colombia. This might be…


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