Check out the second instalment of Ruben’s Live Life series, this episode features some insane shark diving, stress management techniques and a bit of casual kitesurfing on a golf course. Arguably there is only one guy in the world that can stick all that in a video and make it cool, Ruben Lenten! Now, where did I leave those chrystals? Ohmmmmmmm!

“To live life to the fullest you’ve got to work hard and play hard, that’s for sure. Everything is a new adventure with ups and downs, which make us stronger in so many ways. A great up was hanging with my buddy Clinton, what a nice guy… and he also took us Freediving with sharks in Durban. This was my second time freediving with sharkies, I mean when I actually saw them. 😉 What an experience, the underwater world is something special anyways but blending in with these guys adds another level. So calm and relaxed but yet so aware!

Sounds like a great way to be to me… in and out of the water. My way to keep up with all the happenings is to do meditation and really sink deep down into myself and relax. Adding sound to the meditation is something I really enjoy as it helps me to go deeper.

Kiteboarding is also a great way of meditation for me as I usually don’t think much whilst I’m out there. It’s all about the feeling and cruise-mode…

Ride hard and fly high!” – Ruben Lenten

Thanks to my dear partners: Red Bull, Wetransfer, Skycatch, Aloha, Mystic, Best Kiteboarding and Woo Sports.

Special thanks to Andre Bergh, Nico Pfitzenmaier, Clinton Bolton, Allen Walker Photography, Michael Zomer and Eyeforce Productions.

Fri 22nd May, 2015 @ 1:00 pm

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