The best big-air compilation we’ve seen in ages. Stop what you’re doing and enjoy six minutes of big-air action from some of the kiteboarding all time greats. From megaloops to straight airs to board off tricks you’ll find it all here, a celebration of everything that makes the old school so brilliant.

Kiteboarding, Big Air, 2009 – 2014 / Cumbuco 2009: Tomas Teixeira / St. Peter-Ording 2010: Sebastien Garat, Ariel Corniel, Rolf van der Vlugt / St. Peter-Ording 2012: Alvaro Onieva, Toby Braeuer, Ariel Corniel, Reno Romeu, Kevin Langeree / Cape Town 2013: Luke McGillewie, Shawn Richman, Kevin Langeree, Reno Romeu, Nick Jacobsen, Jesse Richman / La Boca 2013: Detlef Teichmann / Cabarete 2014: Kelvin Corniel, Luis Alberto Cruz / Cape Town 2014: Kevin Langeree, Reno Romeu, Billy Parker, Nick Jacobsen, Tom Hebert, Shawn Richman, Gianni Aragno, Andries Fourie, Steven Akkersdijk / More videos:

Thu 22nd Jan, 2015 @ 10:00 am

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