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4 weeks ago | 5:45

THIS IS ONE FOR THE BOOKS! Watch the Duotone team venture to St Brandon; a pure utopia. A gruelling voyage, crossing wild and rolling seas,…

5 months ago | 2:40

A glimpse of whats to come! Last year, the Dirty Habits crew spent two days on the beach and in the locker room capturing the sickest…

6 months ago | 5:20

‘A Journey of a Thousand Miles’ follows Tom Hebert, Lewis Crathern, Reno Romeu and the Rebel on a road trip of a lifetime in New…

6 months ago | 2:41

If you are searching for the fastest, lightest most progressive freeride board around, check this board out! The Select Textreme delivers a superlative ride thanks…

6 months ago | 1:3

2018 has been an epic year for Duotone Kiteboarding and their riders! Check out this recap including some of the most memorable moments from 2018…

6 months ago | 3:7

This is the bar that is now favoured amongst Duotone pro team of riders! In this clip, Aaron Hadlow gives us a quick overview of why…

8 months ago | 2:19

It's just the name that's changed... It's not a comeback, they never left! Duotone Kiteboarding – Dedicated to the future, with honour to the past,…

8 months ago | 2:41

Check out Dutotones 2019 Select - an incredibly easy to ride freeride board that is perfect for ambitious and advanced freeriders, looking for a combination…

8 months ago | 5:21

We were waiting for this one! Years of proven design and performance have allowed us to take the 2019 Duotone Evo to the next level…


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