Red Bull have all the best ideas. There’s no two ways about it, when you have an almost infinite marketing budget you can get involved with the craziest hair-brained schemes and ideas and make them a reality.

There are all kinds of adventures in the world and most of them involve various forms of transportation, like paddling, biking and running and a few of them even go through a desert. But there’s nothing quite like Red Bull Rally dos Ventos – equal parts kiteboarding, sand surfing, dune running – and a navigational challenge. Think of it like the Paris-Dakar race, but with kites, and on foot. All you have to do is get from the start point to the finish point in the fastest possible time- sounds easy? Until you get lost behind 100 feet high sand dunes and can’t see any other competitor’s kites. Check out the video and who knows maybe there will be an event like this coming to spot near you…

Thu 25th Sep, 2014 @ 1:00 pm

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