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6 days ago

From Acai bowls to kitesurfing, Liam Whaley's latest vlog is giving us all the Brazilian vibes we need. Check it out!

9 months ago

Watch Reno Romeu's documentary 'Kite to the Limit'! A 30-min documentary about the XP Kitesurf Sertões, the longest kiteboarding endurance competition in the world. With…

1 year ago

Liam Whaley and Alex Neto's road trip up the North East coast of Brazil continues... In World Of Whaley³ - Episode 14, they stop at…

1 year ago

Tow-ups behind a boat are cool... what about tow-ups behind a Porsche Macan?! World Of Whaley³ - Episode 13 is out, and in this one,…

1 year ago

The latest episode of the World of Whaley has just dropped, and this one takes us to the warm lagoons of Brazil, his second home…

2 years ago

Episode 3 is OUT - Join the Duotone crew for the next 12 minutes for another episode of 'Out of the Box, a series that…

2 years ago

10 seconds of pure Alex Neto stoke!

3 years ago

For those that need a board that can handle whatever you throw at it (or throw it at), the Duotone Gambler 2021 has arrived with…

3 years ago

Achieving new heights in Rio de Janeiro, Reno Romeu and Alex Neto team up for a jetski tow up. One thing you can always count…