Flysurfer Boost2 9m 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Flysurfer Boost2 9m 2017

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At A Glance

The second incarnation of Flysurfers popular Boost kite, the Boost2 has had some excellent upgrades and is a welcome addition to their range. A high aspect 5-strut design, the Boost2 is a freeride and big air machine. Featuring a new inflation design which is very efficient, just make sure it is correctly inserted to avoid the rather embarrassing premature deflation after pumping!

The kite now uses the DT TechnoForce Double Ripstop by Teijin, which is a proven high-performance material aiding canopy stability and airflow. The larger sizes of the Boost2 come with a Trailing Edge Bridle, which adjusts the profile of the kite during flight, and also aid with light wind relaunch.

The bridle connecting the front lines is clean and straightforward with some interesting metal rings used to connect lines; something which would be very handy in the snow perhaps when using gloves to tie/untie knots.

Sizes: 5,7,9,11,13,15LW,18LW meters

The Bar

The Infinity 3.0 control bar features a thinner bar profile combined with a new EVA grip; this made the experience of flying this kite really comfortable. The release on the Infinity 3.0 is maybe not as aesthetically appealing as some of the releases out there, but worked perfectly in all conditions. Flysurfer’s swivel system at the base of its centre line worked effortlessly, so multiple rotations will never be a problem.

The lines that come with the Infinity 3.0 bar are designed for low drag while maintaining high breaking strains. If you’re looking to get into the tech side of racing, then line drag will play a big part in upwind ability, while the high breaking strains will give you the confidence to go as high as you dare. Flysurfer claims these lines have the best drag to breaking strain ratio on the market at the moment. A pull/pull webbing mechanism is in place for the depower, very efficient but perhaps not quite as clean as the cleat style which more and more brands are going for.

In The Air

The Boost2 is a classic big air machine. From the outset, you just want to jump and jump high.
The kite flies quickly through the window and has an astonishing upwind angle due to its high aspect design. The wind range is impressive, even on the 9m the power generated in light airs was immense, we would expect the LW versions of the 15m and 18m to be exceedingly good. Lighter wind jumps produce solid float if you keep the kite flying with you at all times. The Boost2 generates great speed by flying is aggressively in these winds.

The kite delivers smooth power through the window, and light bar pressure so you certainly won’t need to worry about looking like the hulk just to fly it. Once powered, you soar through the sky; forget Boaty McBoat face, this is floaty McFloat face! Seriously incredible jumping potential from this kite. Not only does it take you up high, but it also keeps you hanging around there for a long time, covering considerable distance through the air.

Not an all out freestyle kite, we are impressed by its unhooking capabilities. The kite stays solid throughout and pulls you through your trick. Looping the Boost2 is great fun. Not a super extreme loop, but continuous pull, which whips through the last section. Obviously, with the height you can achieve before the loop they will continue to look very impressive to onlookers!

Relaunch on higher aspect kites can often be a bit tricky where they are longer and thinner, but the Boost2 was excellent. Even in light winds, a little encouragement was all that was needed on the back line to pull it over. Strong winds, of course, were a doddle and the kite simply moves round ready to go.


Insane jumping potential with a massive wind range.


No complaints about the kite or the way it flies but we would like to see an update to the bar, the pull/pull depower works well, but it isn’t as clean as the cleat systems most brands are adopting. Be sure to get used to the deflation and inflation valve before you pump the kite up, it is different to any of the other systems out there and can be a little tricky to get dialled in on the first go.


The Boost2 is a cracking big air machine. It does exactly what is says it's going to do, and more. Solid freestyle and loop performance are thrown in also, all in a polished and refined package; brilliant!


This review was in Issue 58 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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