CORE Kiteboarding Impact 2 9m 2019 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding Impact 2 9m 2019

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At A Glance

Core Kiteboarding produces some seriously good kite gear, with models like the XR5, GTS5 and more. They like to cater for everyone, so there is always going to be something to suit your needs in their range.

This issue we are taking a look at their freestyle and wakestyle weapon the Impact 2. In its second generation, this 5-line full C shape kite has undergone some work, it’s had its aspect ratios adapted to give it a faster more explosive feel and to widen its wind range. This 5-strut weapon is out to deliver huge amounts of slack and pop.

The Impact 2 comes with all of Core’s top end construction and design features. We see the Exotex Dacron, Coretex Triple Ripstop, Speed Valve 2 to name a few.

The Impact 2 comes in a variety of sizes and is compatible with any of Core’s bars however we would recommend going for the Sensor 2S Pro with the Wake adaption kit.

Sizes: 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15m

The Bar

The Sensor 2S Pro bar system has always been a brilliant bit of kit. It offers a variety of size options, adjustment in line length, supreme amounts of depower and much more. We took the Impact 2 out on the Sensor 2S Pro with the Wake adaption kit, this adds the addition of a large chicken loop and pin, pro leash and wakestyle suicide mode kit. This kit enables you to remain clipped to you kite in suicide mode while maintaining the ability to release onto usual safety if needed when hooked in. The adaption also helps to rotate the chicken loop and keep your leash clips out of the way of the loop.

Looking back into the features of the bar itself the small size option we headed out on is ideal for those smaller C kites ensuring you don’t get any unwanted movement in your kite. The bars diameter is small, and the grip is comfortable and effective. The bar ends are not moulded into the bar floats however both are very much fit for purpose.

There is a large range of depower available for a C kite and the ability to move the cleat to suit your riding style is a brilliant feature for smaller riders.

The release system works well, it’s clean and simple to use, and the kite releases onto the 5th line. The 5th line remains tight at all times even when depowering on the cleat thanks to the active 5th line safety set up. The release is a twist release which is different from other brands so do spend some time familiarising yourself with this before hitting the water.

“An absolute weapon, a full C kite, with all the modern trimmings.”

In the Air

The Impact 2 is very much a c-kite, what the avid freestyler, wakestyle rider or old schooler will be familiar with. It's raw. The kite has the classic C feel.

The kite is stable in the air for a C kite, even in gusty conditions. The kite turns incredibly quickly and has that ultra-responsive C kite feel. The turns are not too pivotal and equally not too deep. The Impact 2 provides plenty of feedback, and you always know where it is in the sky. The kite is very smooth in the air and soaks up gusts very well.

With a larger depower range on the bar than we saw many moons ago, the Impact 2 actually does depower very well. It, of course, is best ridden in the ideal conditions with minimal depower used. However, if you do need to dump some juice, the kite remains controllable while it drives towards the edge.

When loading up, the Impact 2 doesn’t sit too deep in the window; thus you can really maintain control of it into your moves by firing it out to the edge. The explosive pop and power this kite delivers is incredible. The slack, equally as astounding. Meeting its design bill perfectly the Impact 2 completely slacks off after takeoff giving you that true C style slack.

The kite remains perfectly stable through this time and upon landing is ready to pull you out of your moves. Depending on how you like to ride your kite you can either set the Impact to fly front-line heavy with no stall or slightly back line heavy, I personally like to set mine a little backline heavy, this allows you to sink it deeper into the window before take-off. This also gives off more of a twitchy feel with a more pivotal turn.

Boosting on the Impact is super explosive, it’s not as floaty or progressive as you would find with an SLE. A real “fired into the air” experience where kite control is imperative to ensure your soft landing. Hangtime is never huge as with any C, and the loops are pretty full on. If you’re looking for a massive amount of pull, then look no further. Drive throughout the loop is very consistent and you're never worried about its return to 12.

Relaunch is excellent for a C, which is never quite as good as an SLE.


An absolute weapon, a full C kite, with all the modern trimmings.


No major issue to report here, we really enjoyed the Impact 2. As with any C kite, it’s going to take a while to become fully accustomed to how it flies if you are used to regular kites.


The Impact 2 is an insanely smooth and refined full C. It's powerful, very direct, explosive, it creates tons of slack and its fast. It’s constructed to insanely high quality, so don’t worry about giving it your all. The Impact 2 is suited to those wanting to really push their unhooked freestyle and wakestyle riding.

This review was in Issue 70 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
With years of kite sport experience combined, you can be sure you’ll be receiving the highest quality of knowledge on the best equipment the industry has to offer.

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