CORE Kiteboarding GTS5 9m 2019 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding GTS5 9m 2019

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At A Glance

The all-around freestyler from CORE is back for the 5th time as the GTS5. Favoured by their pro team for looping and boosting, we were excited to get our hands on this new version.

The GTS5 is a 3-strut kite, which has a Future C shape design and a new short bridle system with a double pulley on each side. As well back line tuning, there are 3 different back line attachment points for emphasis on different styles. It is well worth playing with these for different disciplines. The fast action inflate valve is incredibly effective, and the slim leading edge and struts ensured record quick set up for more kitesurf time.

As with all CORE products, there is a certain standard we have come to expect, and the GTS5 is no different. Made with CoreTex triple ripstop for an ultra-solid canopy, ExoTex Ultra Rigid Dacron for a high-pressure solid frame through the leading edge and struts, and Grintex abrasion patches for that extra protection in key areas.

This version of the GTS promises to be more solid, more stable, a bigger pop through unhooked moves and the ability to be tuned to either freestyle, looping or wave riding with a simple backline change.

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.5, 15LW, 17LW meters

The Bar

Further customisation of your CORE GTS5 is available by selecting your choice of bar from the range. Compatible with the Sensor 2, 2S / 2S+ and 2S Pro you can get the set up you desire.
We headed out on the Sensor 2S Pro as our choice with the GTS5. Boasting a titanium reinforced carbon bar, up to 24m (18+4+2) Tectanium Vario lines, ceramic untwist system, rotor release, supported single front line safety, vario width bar ends and the sensor adjuster the 2S Pro is a beefier brother of the 2S Pro ready to handle anything you throw at it.
When out riding it doesn't take long to notice just how light the Sensor 2S Pro bar feels in your hands. Within the first few movements of the kite, you'll find that the kite responds to every little movement. If you're looking for a slightly slower feel on your smaller sizes, you can swap the vario end attachment point to adjust the effective bar size.
Depowering via the adjuster on the Core Sensor 2S Pro is something you need not worry about, effortless to pull and bungees back in place to avoid any unnecessary tangles. For those with shorter arms, you can even adjust the length to the adjuster, bonus!
Safety is well thought out on the Sensor 2S Pro with your centre lines always untwisting by just pulling the bar towards you; it was effortless. The supported single frontline release ensured full depower but didn’t leave the Free flapping around all day mid wind window.
The release is the unique twist mechanism, which although not seen often does work very well and in the unfortunate event of being pulled underwater will allow for easy release in added water pressure.
Oodles of quality material go into the CORE bar range too, but what else would you expect.

“Big air, like the looping, is explosive.”

In The Air

CORE have hit the ground running once again with the quite superb GTS5. The all-rounder with a huge freestyle edge had us grinning from ear to ear and throwing as many tricks as possible on every run.

The kite is extremely solid in the sky, feeling very supportive at all times and in all conditions. We had it out in a range of conditions from under to overpowered and in both waves and flat water, and the kite behaved impeccably in all. The wind range is good, however, do remember that as a higher performing kite, the wind range will not be as great as that of a more all-around freeride kite such as the XR5.

The GTS5 flies upwind well, and the harder you dig in and edge you can achieve some pretty acute angles. Don’t be afraid here also to put a little bit of trim on especially if you have a long upwind slog, just to help bring that kite around a little more.

We popped the kite onto the wave setting and were suitably impressed with its change in character. Bigger depower suddenly appears, as does a tighter more pivotal turn for chasing the pocket on those waves.

The GTS has, of course, become known for its incredible looping ability, and with the King of the Air, competition happening right this moment we were inspired to send it like we were seeing on our TV screens. There is a mad accelerating loop, which pulls you with impressive force forwards before catching you and swinging down to land. The kite really powers through the turn driving back up through the window. The kite is stable throughout the loop and never once did we feel unconnected. Interestingly, the GTS5 also loops well in lighter winds so is a great kite to progress with up to those huge mega loops.

Big air, like the looping, is explosive. The kite rips you off the water and house impressive float. Landings are good, and by chucking in a down loop, you are able to gain a soft floaty landing with good forward speed every time.

Even in these icy cold winter waters we couldn’t help but throw in some unhooked stunts to the session thanks to the fun aggressive nature of the GTS5. The kite is incredibly solid, and this added with its stability means you have no excuse for not trying those latest moves. The kite stays exactly at the angle you place it, with a sharp acceleration and drop as you stomp your moves. The future C design allows the kite to slack well and power forward with speed to pull you through your landings. You will often find you go higher than anticipated in your move, but the pull is constant and so encouraging it will not throw you off.

If you are using a kite like the GTS5 you will be trying all sorts so re-launching will become a common theme. Not to worry though as the kite just needs a little encouragement on a back line before it pops back up with speed.


The GTS5 is a brilliant piece of kit for the intermediate to pro rider who is looking to excel in the freestyle, big air and looping genres. There is masses of performance and the ability to tailor the kite exactly to the needs of the session. COREs legendary build construction seals the deal with a kite you know will last a very long time.


This review was in Issue 73 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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