Cabrinha Moto 12m 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha Moto 12m 2019

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At A Glance

Recently we have had our hands on some of the 2019 Cabrinha gear. For 2019 we see a few models disappear and some new additions throughout the lineup, one of the most exciting is the new Moto. The Cabrinha Moto is a 3 strut, versatile freeride crossover kite. With many kites in their range targeting certain disciplines, the Moto is aimed at the rider wanting to excel at everything.

The Moto features new Pure Arc Segments, Pure Profile Panels, increased canopy reinforcements and more. The new Pure Arc Segments increase the amount of sections across the span of the leading edge, this reduces drag on the leading edge by creating a smoother, more aerodynamic curve. Pure Profile panels are very similar however they are designed to reduce drag and create a smother curve across the canopy of the kite. The increase in aerodynamic performance from both these features will boast more efficiency, stability and a smoother flying experience. The increased reinforcements will keep the Moto providing a tight, stable flying feel no matter what you throw at it.

The Moto comes in 9 sizes, 4 colour-ways and is compatible with the 1x Trimlite or Recoil control systems, in either Quickloop or Fireball connection mode.

Sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14m

The Bar

The Cabrinha control system line up had undergone some major work last time we reviewed them. New for 2019 we see a new colourway to the Quickloop options. The grip across the range is super comfortable in the hand and very grippy. The 1X Trimlite bars have a small diameter and streamlined bar end, soft and comfortable with built-in hidden back line adjusters for those who like to tweak their ride. The bar is simple and aesthetically pleasing.
The Trimlite cleat is smooth and easy to use with a great range of trim available. The bungeed Trimlite cord keeps the tail tidy and out of the way whilst riding. Slightly more flap than systems with both bungee and magnets, but that's being ultra-critical – it’s neat enough and works well.
Using the on-the-fly centre line depower is again extensive with a huge amount of depower range available to the rider. The new larger centre fitting does allow for a smoother experience when adjusting power and turning at the same time. The 1X safety system works well and with the Quickloop, Cabrinha has one of the easiest, simple release systems out there. It’s super quick and straightforward to reset it again too.

“…extremely versatile, excellent crossover kite”

In the Air

Instantaneously upon launch you get a feeling of just how smooth this kite is. The 2019 Cabrinha Moto soaks up the gusts, provides a smooth power delivery, turning is smooth and responsive and the kite boasts confidence.

The Moto has a very smooth feel on the bar, feedback is direct however it’s not snappy and aggressive. Bar pressure is light but not too light that it becomes wish washy. Every movement of the kite can be felt. Turning the kite is again silky smooth, the turns are not too pivotal and not too open. It’s the perfect blend.

Power delivery and depower on the Moto is again an extremely controllable and pleasant experience. Whether your coming in hot from a landing or wanting to tune the power perfectly while foiling the control is always there. The range of depower is vast and the wind range for the Moto is extremely good, handling chunky gusts suitable for a size or two lower was a doddle.

Light wind performance is fantastic on the Moto with the kite showing no tendency to stall in a gentle breeze, perfect for those low wind foil sessions. While riding, the kite sits far forward in the edge of the window making it an easy kite for those learning to get upwind.

Freeride and freestyle on the Moto is effortless. The kite provides a progressive, steady take off and is always predictable. It doesn’t have quite as much punch as we would see on models such as the FX however there is tons of float while you’re in the air. Unhooked moves on the Moto are great, the kite doesn’t feel heavy on the arms and enough slack is created to get you well on your way to landing your latest moves.

The Moto is superbly stable when heading downwind, making it not only brilliant for foiling but also wave riding. The kite drifts well and is sat ready to power back on at the flick of a wrist.

Looping the Moto is not likely to score you a top spot on the KOTA podium but it is going to put a smile on your face. It’s slower than we see on some models, but it’s effortless and the power created isn’t huge. Making it the perfect loop for those learning kite loops, foiling, or those wanting to drop the kite a little lower in the window.

Relaunch on the Moto is a breeze, the kite rolls up with barely any input and pops up in some pretty light winds easily.


The Moto is incredibly smooth, easy to use. It’s a very well-rounded kite that excels in various conditions and riding styles.


No major issues to note with the 2019 Cabrinha Moto. Maybe in future years we may see an increased diameter inflate / deflate valve? For slightly faster pumping and slightly less air to squeeze out on pack down.


The 2019 Cabrinha Moto coupled with the 1X Trimlite control system is fantastic choice for such a variety of riders out there today. It combines so many characteristics needed for wave riding, freestyle, foiling and freeride into the well sculpted, smooth, easy to use kite that many of us desire. Cabrinha have really hit the nail on the head here and created an extremely versatile, excellent crossover kite. Suitable for all levels of rider from those fresh out of lessons upwards.


This review was in Issue 71 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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