Cabrinha Contra 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha Contra 2023

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20 years ago, the Contra revolutionized light wind riding, captivating a multitude of kiters who relied on it as their everyday go-to kite or as a savior during challenging sessions. This year, they have introduced a significant evolution to the Contra's legacy.

By incorporating HTD Lite and Lite Frame technology, they have successfully reduced the kite's weight by 15%, enhancing its performance in threshold winds.

The three-strut design positions this kite as the ultimate choice for light wind twin tip riding and the best light wind kite ever developed for high jumps.

Featuring a 3 Strut, Hybrid design, Low drag wing tips, and Draft forward profiles.

Even in the most gentle wind conditions, the Contra instills confidence, allowing riders to attempt tricks without fearing a sudden plunge into the water.

The Contra excels in outstanding upwind performance, even in minimal wind speeds. Referred to as the 'Session Saver', it has become synonymous with light wind riding and a favored companion for those committed to kitesurfing every day.

Thanks to the Contra's agile and responsive steering and increased power delivery, it provides the feeling of riding a small kite while having the abilities of a large kite.

Regardless of one's chosen craft or discipline, the Contra's performance attributes make it a must-have kite in any quiver, optimizing water time while promoting skill advancement.

Its design is primarily focused on riding in threshold winds, a territory where most kites falter.

Efficient control and power enable riders to concentrate solely on their maneuvers without worrying about the kite's behavior.

The Lite Frame incorporates the advantages of the proven HTD Lite Dacron, complemented by a refined canopy design, resulting in the lightest and most responsive kites thus far. This lightweight frame expands the product's range and performance capabilities.

The next evolutionary leap in inflatable structures arrives with HTD Lite. They have harnessed the superior qualities of the proven HTD material, known for its elongation control, and combined it with a superior reflex bias recovery and a lighter weight construction. This combination elevates the kite's response characteristics and expands its range.

The new Sprint 3.0 inflation system enhances air flow from the leading edge to the strut. The straight and angled valves prevent any kinking of the inflation tube, while the secure fit design simplifies maintenance.

An improved airfoil shape has been meticulously refined, resulting in enhanced air flow and improved efficiency.


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