Cabrinha FX2 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha FX2 2023

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Air and style are closely linked in the board sport industry. Many individuals strive to achieve mastery in these areas. To truly excel, though, they need a product that can support their journey.

The FX2 is a versatile kite that caters to both the Big Air realm and freestyle riding. It offers fast, powerful loops with excellent catch ability, making it ideal for those aiming to soar high in the sky. By changing the bridle, riders can transform the FX2 into a freestyle machine, enabling them to push their limits and explore new possibilities.

The incorporation of the Hybrid Frame and HRD Lite materials has expanded the FX2's capabilities. It now boasts an increased low-end range and enhanced maneuverability in stronger winds and during double loops.

Its design features include a 3-strut, modified C shape arc, swept wing tip, moderate aspect ratio, freestyle profile, 3 bridle setting options, and a 6-line setup (sold separately) [NEW DESIGN].

Whether riders choose big air or freestyle, the FX2 seamlessly combines both disciplines into a high-performing freeride kite.

The FX2 delivers smooth power delivery and exceptional on-demand depower, resulting in an incredibly easy-to-fly kite that performs at an exceptional level.

The rigid 3-strut hybrid C shape enables forward pull and quick recovery from kiteloops.

Thanks to its no pulley bridle, the FX2 offers direct steering input and valuable feedback.

Switching to the 6-line 'ultimate freestyle' mode unleashes the FX2's full potential. More speed and pop lead to greater slack and recovery.

The hybrid C arc design ensures excellent line slack after release, specifically tailored for freestyle maneuvers.

This kite benefits from the perfect fusion of materials. A combination of High Tenacity Dacron (HTD) and HTD Lite creates a structure that strikes the right balance between support and response.

Designed specifically for inflated kite structures, this construction material is warp-oriented and utilizes ultra high tenacity yarns with increased thread count, effectively combating elongation under high inflation pressures. Lower elongation results in a more accurate and efficient airfoil during flight.

The next evolutionary leap in inflatable structures is HTD Lite. It combines the excellent elongation control and superior reflex bias recovery of the proven HTD material with a lighter weight construction, enhancing the kite's response characteristics and range.

The Frame is the backbone of any kite. By fusing the two HTD materials and reducing weight throughout the trailing edge, the Hybrid Frame delivers the necessary response and durability for kiting at a whole new level.

The new Sprint 3.0 inflation system optimizes air flow from the leading edge to the strut. The straight and angled valves prevent kinking of the inflation tube, and its secure fit design facilitates maintenance.

With the ability to select between a high-performance freestyle bridle or a full-on freestyle podium machine, the FX2 offers endless possibilities. Riders can enjoy big air and kiteloops in the morning, then switch bridles for a flat water freestyle session in the evening.


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