Naish Kiteboarding Traverse Ewan Jaspan Pro 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Naish Kiteboarding Traverse Ewan Jaspan Pro 2024

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The Traverse Ewan Jaspan Pro has made its return, bringing with it enhanced features and improvements from previous models. For the fourth consecutive year, they have collaborated with Ewan Jaspan, a professional freestyle rider and versatile waterman, to create a pro-model board that caters to various disciplines.

One notable update is the new outline of the Traverse EJ Pro. It is now narrower in the middle and wider in the tips, which greatly enhances control at high speeds. This revised outline is intended to be utilized with a length that is 5-10 cm longer than the average twin tip board. Additionally, the use of sintered base construction guarantees exceptional durability, ensuring the board withstands the test of time across multiple seasons.

No matter if you are an occasional kiteboarder or an experienced professional, the Traverse EJ Pro is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a versatile and top-quality board. Its ability to handle chop, produce aggressive pop with soft landings, and minimize face spray makes it suitable for all types of riders. Furthermore, the board's design enables an effortless transition between rails, extending its lifespan by distributing wear evenly. It is specifically crafted to provide dependable stability when required and effortless release when maneuvering. Expect smoother riding and improved carving abilities with the Traverse EJ Pro. Lastly, the sintered base adds an extra layer of durability and exceptional slide resistance, ensuring your kiteboarding experience remains seamless.

In summary, the Traverse Ewan Jaspan Pro is a highly versatile and durable board that offers superior control, enhanced performance, and increased longevity. It is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, all-purpose board that caters to a variety of riding styles and skill levels.


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