Naish Kiteboarding Orbit 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Naish Kiteboarding Orbit 2024

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The Orbit has been specifically designed for light wind conditions, allowing riders to have maximum enjoyment on the water even when the wind is marginal. Featuring an asymmetric double concave bottom and offset channels, this board offers stability and efficient gliding, even in the lightest breeze. It is not only a fantastic choice for light wind days, but also an ideal board for beginners who are looking for a stable platform to learn and progress on. Whether you are in search of the ultimate light wind twin tip or a reliable board for learning, the Orbit is the perfect solution.

The Orbit is designed to position the rider's stance towards the edge of the board, enhancing upwind performance. It optimizes rigidity in key areas while keeping the overall weight of the board to a minimum. This design enables smoother riding and carving, while providing an improved release. With an ultra-high 5.0 cm glass ratio, the Orbit offers superior grip and upwind performance for your twin tip.

In summary, the Orbit is a specialized board that maximizes fun on light wind days, offering stable performance and efficient gliding. It is suitable for both experienced riders looking for an ultimate light wind twin tip and beginners in search of a stable platform to learn and progress on. The Orbit's unique features, such as an asymmetric double concave bottom and offset channels, as well as its optimized rigidity and lightweight design, ensure optimal performance in light wind conditions. Don't miss out on exclusive deals and the latest Naish updates – subscribe to our newsletter today.


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