Naish Kiteboarding Monarch 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Naish Kiteboarding Monarch 2024

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The all new Monarch board has been specifically crafted to cater to the needs of big air and freestyle riders who are looking to maximize load and pop. They have concentrated on achieving maximum speed and grip by refining the rocker, outline, and flex of the board. Furthermore, the new bottom shape has been designed to effectively channel water, ensuring optimal load power even in choppy conditions.

In their pursuit of improving edging efficiency, they have developed a new lightweight tip shape that reduces vibration and prevents power loss while loading. On top of that, the Monarch now boasts an improved 3-stage rocker, offering more explosive pop than ever before. This makes it a perfect choice for those big air and freestyle enthusiasts who compete at the highest levels.

The Monarch takes water channeling to the next level, resulting in increased load and pop. The combination of a 3-stage rocker offers the advantages of both flat rockers and aggressive rockers, providing unmatched speed and predictability. The board's lightweight mirrored tips not only optimize its strength-to-weight ratio but also enhance its performance.

Deck geometry has been optimized to enhance grip during board-offs. The inclusion of square and parallel corners ensures a powerful lock-in and a snappy release. Additionally, this design feature extends the longevity of the board by distributing wear evenly and facilitates smooth transitions between rails.

With an ultra-high 5.0 cm glass ratio, the Monarch delivers superior grip and upwind performance on your twin tip. The square and parallel corners further enhance the board's ability to powerfully ride straight lines and improve release. The centered inserts are another thoughtful addition, allowing for even wear distribution and effortless transitions between rails, prolonging the life of your board.

In summary, the all new Monarch board has undergone substantial design improvements to cater to the demands of big air and freestyle riders. Its advanced features, such as enhanced water channeling, improved pop, optimized deck geometry, and high-quality construction materials, make it the ideal choice for those competing at the highest levels in big air and freestyle disciplines.


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