Naish Kiteboarding Hero 2024 Kitesurfing Review

Naish Kiteboarding Hero 2024

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This year, the Hero, a new user-friendly board, has received significant performance improvements. It now features new bottom shaping, a Keel Lock Spine, and enhanced rocker. These updates have resulted in reduced sideway slipping, effortless water starts, and improved upwind edging. Riders of all skill levels have fallen in love with the Hero, as it helps them progress season after season.

One notable feature of the Hero is its ability to effectively disperse impact, softening even the hardest landings and enhancing upwind performance. Additionally, the lower rocker of the board increases planing and maintains speed during turns. The bottom of the Hero is equipped with a deep, 6mm single concave, offering increased control. Furthermore, the board's design extends its lifespan by distributing wear evenly and facilitating smooth transitions between rails. With rounded corners, riders can experience smoother riding and carving, while enjoying an improved release.

The Hero also boasts an ultra-high 5.0 cm glass ratio, providing better grip and upwind performance for its twin tip. Its Tapered Rails offer lightweight tips and improved grip ability. Finally, the Macrochip, designed with more nose rocker than the microchip, allows for easy maneuverability on top of the water.

In summary, the Hero has undergone significant performance enhancements this year, making it the ideal choice for riders looking to progress their skills season after season. Its updated features, such as the new bottom shaping, Keel Lock Spine, and improved rocker, ensure reduced slipping, effortless water starts, and impressive upwind edging. With its durability, control, and smooth riding capabilities, the Hero is loved by riders of all levels.


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